Saturday, July 16, 2011

This year—we're panelizing at Comic-Con! Come see!

Forget Carmageddon.

There's this mass mashup of people and genrehood looming next weekend off the real San Diego Freeway called Comic-Con International, and if you can survive the crush of humanity, we'll be there in a bigger role than ever before.

I mean, I was one of those who never attended comic-cons because, well, I wasn't a comics guy. The Hollywood invasion of CCSD took a while to sink in—that, and Trekland getting a little less hectic—before I finally made it for a day in 2005, and full-time in 2006. In fact, kiddies, I'm now such a battle-hardened Gaslamp veteran I recall when there were "only" 60,000 attendees on hand—not today's ceiling-bumping 125,000.

I'm proud to say the 2011 powers-that-be have accepted my good ol' "Star Trek: Between the Cracks" grab bag show for a panel slot, and big news is we'll have some exclusive, first-ever sneak-peek looks at raw clips from The Con of Wrath, our documentary now underway about Trek's most amazing meltdown-turned-miracle ever.

Of course we'll also have the regular review of Trek goodies, trivia and stories—amped up to Comic-Con scale—and including Divine White too.

So here's your invite to come by and chat up during the panel (aww, who needs those other Saturday night prime time parties, cool panels or Masquerade line-up?) ... or two sessions in Autograph Alley, as in recent years.. This time, don't forget like you always do to bring your TNG Companion to be signed, because I was one name among a million and you had no idea...

Here's the specs:
FRI: 2:30-7 pm, Autograph Alley AA22 (Sails Pavillion)
SAT: 2:30-7 pm, Autograph Alley AA22 (Sails Pavillion)
SAT: 7:30-8:30 pm, Rms. 7AB: "Star Trek: Between the Cracks"

Hopefully we will catch you at a few other clambakes that weekend as well!

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