Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy First Contact Day! ... or IS it?

These annual celebrations of First Contact Day on April 4 each year may finally start amounting to something, as we reach the T-minus 50 years and counting mark next year in the march toward 2063, harnessing warp power and meeting the Vulcans.

At least it will amount to some cool T-shirts, bumper stickers and keychains over the "reverse" golden anniversary of 2013.

Or..... is it, really? Forget 1947 or even the late 1950s.

Insidious as it may sound, documents have been unearthed that point not to 2063, but the far more distant 1996 as the actual date of the first first contact—April 23, to be exact.


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Trekkie Girls said...

So was the whole film going to be based in 1996? Do you think they were going to link it to the Eugenics War?
My mind is boggling thinking about it!