Monday, June 11, 2012

Remembering De... again

It was this day in 1999—already 13 years!—that we lost DeForest Kelley, the first of the original regular cast. 

As my sentimental favorite of all the original crew, as none then or since can be, I prefer for my Trekland to mark De's birthdays and celebrate his whole career—as you longtime Treklanders know well.

Still, back in 2009 on this day I felt compelled to write a piece about De and the day I heard the news, and thoughts since then... so in an already busy week, I figured it was the best way to stop and remember the best of McCoy, the best of De, and relish how lucky we have so much on film—before and behind the camera lens. My comments about his biography are still heartfelt, too:

10 Years Without De
June 11 marks a decade without De.... DeForest Kelley, the first of our regular cast to pass on—and perhaps the hardest for me to deal with. Thank goodness we had Communicator then and, selfishly, were able to mourn via the memorial pages of #124—despite its age, perhaps my favorite issue ever as edtor. 
It was certainly the most personal.  ...

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