Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Faces and crowds from "TNG Night at the Movies"

Did you go Monday night?

Actually the name was more like the "25th Anniversary TNG Event" and HD remastering showcase for two episodes and new features,  at theaters across the US, Canada and Australia. And yes, it was also a mega-marketing event to promote the formal release of the TNG Season 1 Blu-ray set the next day.

For most fans it was just a rare chance to see their TNG heroes on the big screen, pre-Generations, all dressed up and ready to shine.

It was last-minute, but on the afternoon of this CBS/Fantome event, I'd asked my tweeps and Faceboook Treklanders to snap and send pics from their movie sites. Part of this was my wondering if the question posed by the LA Times would turn out to be true, regarding any possible adverse box-office impact by the Aurora movie shootings at the TNG event.

There were hits and misses on the campics, but crowds also seemed to vary by area—and whether fans had perhaps too many choices for theaters in some markets, diluting numbers. Other sites were packed, according to anecdotal reports.

So, here's some images from all over—and thanks to those who sent in. Sadly, there's none from any of the mass sell-out crowds I've read about as well in Toronto and Orlando, to name a couple. As for my own, the Universal City IMAX was about 3/4 fuill of its 400, I'd say.

Send more, we'll add'em. (I'm lookin' at you, East Coasters & Upper Midwesterners).


Seattle: "Full theater! We only laughed at the actually funny bits, I swear."—@gregharbin:

 "Our crowd at Regal 20 in Jacksonville, Fla."—@LorrieS68:

Full house in Emeryville, CA (Bay Area):(who sent me this? Let me know!):

"30 people in Cinemark16 in Myrtle Beach S.C."—@MrrWilly:

"We have a line. Perhaps 150 people (one costume)" in  Mira Mesa (outside San Diego)—@starfleetmom:

Theatre full for Star Trek 25th Anniversary Event: Albuquerque NM"—@MfaBfd:  

Las Vegas: "We had about 100, I would estimate, in my theater at the Orleans Hotel. It would have been better if CBS selected only 2 or 3 locations around Vegas instead of 5."—Paul Walker:

Myself and a couple of my Klingon Shipmates in Summerville, S.C.; we had about 70 people in a 240-seat theater. Small but raucous, happy crowd. "—Erika Yvette Figueroa / FB:


And I suppose I need to include the AMC Universal Citywalk  Stadium 19 IMAX turnout: About 3/4 of the 400-some seats? I missed the lights-up pre-show time, but here's the after-show scramble about a minute after show's end:

PLUS: No pics, but thanks for these reports:

 "About 150 in 200-seat theater in Medford, only theatre in southern Oregon"— Paula Block &Terry Erdmann/ FB

"Sadly, no screening in Fargo, so I will live it vicariously through pics and RTs."—@ohtheprofanity

"Toronto's Yonge and Eglinton was sold out. I had to drive to the suburbs to get a ticket at another theatre!"—@robheydari

"The Burbank house was 3/4 full."—Barbara Watson/ FB

"150 or so in OKC"—Scott Johnson/ FB

"Three screenings in various theatres in Portland, Oregon - all three were sold out. Great crowd in the theatre I was in! Lots of costumes and cheering."—Anthony Wynn

"Larry, the theatre here in Orlando is packed. Will try to take a photo after."—@TrekRadio

Thanks to all who joined in to share, and enjoyed the evening!

Will CBS and NCM Fathom repeat for S2 and beyond, unlike the TOS Remastered kickoff event in theaters? Stay tuned ...


Erika Y. Figueroa, Director, Carolina Alliance of Star Trek Fans said...

We had a great time at our event. NCM Fathom really came through for us with free passes, marketing material. I was able to give passes to Trekkies/Trekkers that wouldn't have been able to attend otherwise. We had about 65-70 people in the theater but it was a raucous, happy crowd. Really loved the viewing as well as the documentary vignettes. I will gladly offer pictures but not sure how onto this site. Have a great day! Erika

Larry Nemecek said...

Erika, thanks! Great night you had. Thanks for sharing!

Just email it to larry@larrynemecek.com, or post at Trekland on Facebook. Or even tweet it to @larrynemecek.

Larry Nemecek said...

And you see the results now...!