Friday, September 7, 2012

Star Trek Google Doodle reshines light on Bobby, too

Google's Star Trek day has been such a splash for the franchise, this year's "off-year" 46th anniversary celebration—and good will for Star Trek in general, with lots of great mainstream media coverage on the Google Doodle design team choices. And a huge spike at

It's even given me the chance to tell folks that Chekov is not in the animation because he's in Hollywood getting ready to get his Walk of Fame Star

But Bobby "The Gorn" Clark's wife Judy just reminded me that's it cool in another way—the local media is all over the fact that, of all Trekdom to throw at Google-Kirk and his hapless landing party for today's episode, it's obviously Vasquez Rocks Planet and the Google-Pez Dispenser Gorn that Google chose! (Though that wind sounds pretty Guardian of Forever Planet to me.)

Here's Bobby (at right, sans scales) choreographing the original "Arena" shoot from 1966 for our gang last month on the Hollywood2Vegas Film Sites Tour for Geek Nation Tours before Vegas Khaaan...

Oh—and if you have no idea why I'm talking about any of this—go to NOW.

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