Monday, November 26, 2012

Winners and pics!: TNG HD's Theatre show Thursday

Here they are!

The winners of our pair o' tickets in five major cities to Thursday's big nationwide theater event, "TNG: A Celebration of Season 2," marking the release of another season of remastered Next Generation on HD Blu-ray, on sale the very next day.

A big hat-tip to everyone—especially Michelle Portillo at NCM/Fathom Events and Nick Tarnowski at Allied Integrated Marketing—who helped Trekland play Santa in these five cities to these smart and lucky fans plus a guest:
Joseph Daniele, Cambridge/Boston
Deborah Pesa, New York City;
Charles Wagner, Skokie/Chicago;
Lauren Little, Orlando
John Williams, Kent/Seattle

Thanks to everyone who entered—and for those who lived everywhere else in the U.S., hopefully we'll do this again sometime and set up your city for the giveaway.

Meanwhile, everybody else still has time to grab tickets and go to a theater near you—just check on the Fathom Events TNG page and theater list.  Of course, the S2 Blu-ray set itself can be pre-ordered from many sites.

AND NOW: Remember what a party the TNG Season 1 "theater night" turned into last July? Many of you were there, and on the spur of the moment when I asked everybody to share pics with us the next day, you responded! Clubs, buddy groups and anybody who dressed up or made a night of it sent in their fun pics and we posted a lot of them.

So, do the same: just email them to that night or the next day, and make sure to give me a full name (or first name and initial) and mention what city you're in (and the club name, ship chapter, or whatever moniker your group might like to be ID'd as.)

Our five winners are going to send their theater pics from "TNG S2" night as well—and I will jump in with mine, too. So here's to a fun night of big-screen "The Measure of The Man," "Q Who?," and the next chapter in the amazing Remastered TNG documentary of the next Blu-ray season sets, directed by Robert Meyer Burnett amid a sea of colorful characters talkin' Trek of the Next Gen persuasion.

And stay tuned: by Thursday we'll run Part II of our chat with longtime TV Trek VFX supervisor Dan Curry and his work on Season 2—analog show then, and Blu-ray consulting now.

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DebbieJRT said...

Darn! Got held up at work and didn't make the show. Ah well, hope a good time was had by all.