Saturday, March 9, 2013

My stardate birthdate: Have I always been doomed?

While hip-deep in the Secret Star Trek Non-Fiction Project TBA —you know, the thing that's been keeping me from posting video and blog pieces the last two months — I'm having to grab some stardates matched to actual calendar days of the year.

And naturally, my original Mike Okuda stardate memo for the VGR/DS9 writers came in handy once again. You know, the one that simply divides the 1000-unit stardate "year" by 365 (or 366) to get a three-digit range for each "real" day of a Gregorian "Earth" calendar. (And, in this case, gave the writers a usable stardate range to each of the 26 episodes of the season.) You simply paste the three-digit "day" after the two-digit "year"—where 41xxx of TNG-1 was 2364, and so on.

Just for kicks, I thought I'd look up the three digits for my birthday—which all you online stalkers know is Jan. 18. And ...

It was at that point I dropped my jaw a couple times.

And realized that my life's path, like it or not, must have always been destined to meander through Trekland.

Or at least Pomona College:

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