Saturday, June 14, 2014

A debut eve two-fer: Fresh from stage, Todd Haberkorn reflects on Spock's "Lolani" mind-meld

Yes, this is a look back, but hey:

A chat with Todd Haberkorn is always a fun visit—even when it was shot back during the filming of Star Trek Continues' "Lolani" last fall—and portends what may be in store for Todd's process of Spockifying himself as the mirror universe-based "Fairest of Them All" debuts online at noon Eastern on June 15.

We filmed this just after he shot the pivotal mind-meld scene in Episode 2, and yes the makeup and the uniform undershirt are still in place, as Todd graciously delayed the end of his final day of shooting for a few minutes for our chat. You can also see makeup supervisor Tim Vittetoe prepping removal in the background.

I still have more vidchats and "B-roll" background video from both "Lolani" and the new "Ep3" mirror show to share; stay tuned as I unspool more. And don't forget to catch up on the  "Official Star Trek Continues" Facebook page for ongoing news and more STC BTS, as well...

What do think about Todd's, er, thoughts about the mind meld?