Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Phoenix rising!: See you at Comicon—and Todd too!

Whoa! It's been two days back from FedCon and time to turn sights just eastward to Phoenix Comicon, another show that's exploding in size but keeping its fun fan factor feel...and thanks to Matt Solberg and ALL the wonderful volunteer staff for having me back again as a guest.

2013 PHXCC debut of STC and "Pilgrim of Eternity"
No huge Star Trek Continues world debut and cast signing as with last year's amazing moment, but this year Todd "Spock" Haberkorn—the only castmember who had to miss 2013's debut gala—is also a PHXCC con guest and will join me for a screening of "Lolani" on Sunday in the Big Hall, otherwise known as the Valley of the Sun. Sure you've seen it online, but here's a chance to see it big-screen...and yak at us afterwards in Q&A.

On the solo front, I've got four events—plus my Trekland hours at Table 2524.

Here's links to my bio page there and those events—you can go to each page and "Choose" it--and get a number tally for my use:

Friday 4:30 - 5:30pm Room 122ab: Larry Nemecek's "Trekland: Between the Cracks" show

Saturday 3:00 - 4:00pm Room 122ab: The "State of the Trek" Forum: Larry Nemecek and All of Us

Sat. 10:30pm-12:30 am, Sheraton venue TBA Thursday: The "Dr. Trek Show" crowdfunder meetup for "The Con of Wrath" ($20 donation  for screen credit, prize trivia, rare & doc clips)

Sunday 1:30 - 3:30pm Valley of the Sun Hall: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani" Screening and Q&A

If you plan to come, please do "Like" the panels on these pages, and of course my Facebook event page's own "Attend" button.. always helpful! If you do, you'll get word for the Room Number for Saturday night's meetup in the Sheraton as soon as it's ready, on Thursday. Or just make sure you're following me on Twitter or Facebook as well—'twill be posted there too.

And next up: Lake Charles for BayouCon, back to OKC for SoonerCon, and then San Diego Comic-Con (two days, with a panel), the LA2Vegas Tour and then Vegas! And now London Destination Star Trek in the fall. I'll have more details, but for now here's the skinny in brief—and know there's a meetup planned at each site.

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