Tuesday, January 20, 2015

De-Day 2015: I'm an actor, not a doctor! OR a cowboy.

If it's January 20, it must be my annual, personal tribute —as it has since this blog began—to my guy, Jackson DeForest Kelley, who would have been 95 today. Wow.

Don't need to say much more than what I've said in past years... aside from the groundswell of Kelley fandom that seems to be shaping up everywhere (perhaps, not coincidentally, since THIS first happened).

In any case, I'll just drop this year's edition here. You're welcome.

De with Susan Hayward, getting out of the haybarns and hitchin' posts for once, co-starring with her and Bette Davis in 1966's Where Love Has Gone (and thanks, once again, Sue Keenan):


DesLily said...

I don't check blogs like I should anymore..but glad I came by .. I love tributes to De.. he can never have too many. I don't do much of DeForest either..it hurts too much. but I did put some photo's up this year for his Birthday: http://herethereandeverywhere2ndedition.blogspot.com/2015/01/january-20th-birth-day-of-deforest.html

BonesMcCoy said...

You guys are great!
Have no sadness in celebrating a great actor's contributions in film!
He lives on... many thanks for your tribute and your blog!