Tuesday, September 8, 2015

PORTAL 47: Finally, my all-new deep-dive fan experience is ready

UPDATE: The sample "telebriefing" is done, and the whole program and two ways to get there are now online—plus some quick bonus goodies. Come be a Founding 47'er!


I almost forgot to post about it myself! 

But, yes, that all-new, boutique deep-dive fan experience I've been trying to develop …. to get you backstage in the 24th century using the best of the 21st century … it's finally here: PORTAL 47

Actually, it's not quite—not til tomorrow, Wednesday night, Sept. 9, anyway. A few early-birds already jumped in as Portallers, after seeing my sneak-peeks at San Diego and Vegas Trek. But for most of fandom, I finally draw back the virtual curtain tomorrow night—Wednesday, Sept. 9, at 7 p.m. Pacific/ 10 pm Eastern. (NOTE: The session is done, but see the UPDATE above, and permanent link!).

I'm so excited. It's like opening night!

That's when I invite everyone to listen in on our very first "telebriefing" for those first members —online or by phone. But it's also doubling as a sampler mashup for everyone still new to the package—so after "halftime" I'll briefly go over the features as well as a couple ways to take it—and I'll have all that, plus more one-time surprises for everyone actually with us that night.

If you're at the "shut up and tell me how" stage, then just go here and sign in for ongoing info! 

The truth is, I've been blessed and gratified to have had a front-row seat in many things Trekland for years now…as all you readers and listeners so kindly tell me you enjoy. I not only enjoy that, but feel compelled to keep connecting the dots for fans, and connecting them with voices they might never have heard from! For me, it's all about preserving and archiving as much as pundits and analysis. 

But so many of the conventional streams of "content" are either slow… or not very dynamic … or ignorant of current tech capabilities …  or not even a good business model for putting food on the table (mine!).  PORTAL 47 may yet evolve and get tweaked past what we launch with, but  that idea of a new kind of "deep dive" into insider insight … is exactly what I'm been trying to put together for several years now.

So! It's show time!  The PORTAL 47 public Facebook is up now (yes— Like!), and the webpage will be up in a couple days—but I'd much, much rather tell you directly than write you remotely. If you are not already on my news list (?!) and need the "coordinates," then please: 

Just sign in at this link here and get the details on how to listen in on the telebriefing…and decide for yourself. It's an hour call, no extra cost to you….and I still have a few goodies in my crew gift bag.   

Hope you can make it! 

"It's not for everyone.  But if you’re a new fan … a bored fan… or a fan who’s starting to realize just how much you don’t know … then my pioneering PORTAL 47 is for you!"

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