Friday, May 13, 2016

LAST CHANCE tickets for BEYOND fan event May 20!

You've heard all about it ... and likely seen the official, now-closed contest for giveaway tickets... to the big May 20 fan event and Trailer #2 preview hosted by director Justin Lin and cast for the third "alt-verse" Trek film BEYOND, due in theaters July 22.

You've even likely seen the other ticket giveaways from other sites, blogs and podcasts. Did you miss out?

If so, here's your LAST CHANCE... from Trekland and Portal 47:

WIN one of FIVE pairs of tickets to this 7 p.m. event right on the lot of Paramout Pictures in Hollywood with Lin and more—NEXT FRIDAY.  I'll be there, too! 

How? It's simple: Just email me your answer to this question, to

What is another aspect of the Kirk-era "Prime" universe that you feel should ALSO be a change seen in the current alt-verse Trek feature films? *

Now, alt-verse haters, back off. I mean this all in fun: Let's see how deep YOU can dive on this. And I don't need an essay—short answers are fine.

The first FIVE answers I receive that I judge best (creative, original... you know) will be declared winners, and each win a pair of tickets. 

The brief rules:

—Deadline is midnight Pacific time, THIS Sunday, May 15. Simply email to

—Your full name, along with your email off the entry, is required. You can name your second ticket-mate, or just go for now as a +1. 

—MOST of all, this prize is admission for two for this one Friday evening event only—no dream trips, sorry. If you are not IN Los Angeles already that evening or plan to get there yourself if you win, then these won't be much good to you stuck on Rigel VII or Tellar Prime.

Once winners are turned in to Paramount, the studio will get in contact about any further information, guidelines, etc.

BTW, here's how that official Paramount release described the night:
The one-time only special event, taking place at the historic Paramount Pictures studio lot, will include the premiere of the newest Star Trek Beyond trailer, an exclusive first-look of never before seen footage from the upcoming film, a Q&A with Lin and the cast and crew, special guests appearances, and other surprises. The Q&A will be streamed via Facebook Live.

And hey—I'll collect the five winners (and maybe some runners-up?) and post them next week. We'll have to grab pics of our Trekland/ PORTAL 47 winners that night at the event, too, of course.

*ie, Random or not—in the alt-verse, Vulcan is gone, Amanda is dead and George Kirk died early; Kirk was born in space, Chekov was born four years earlier, and the Enterprise and most all tech is vastly more advanced than their Prime equivalent at the same time due to the  leapfrogging info downloaded off the century-later Narada. SO—what's an aspect of the Prime timeline that you WISH was changed in the alt?

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