Sunday, May 11, 2008

Switching to Visual: Meet "Goggle Guy"

He walked in to audition for the role of a bridge officer, happened to mention he knew how to weld, and voila—JJ Abrams snapped him up to become The Welder. Or even "Goggle Guy," as a legion of overnight fans dubbed Anthony Vitale after his face filled the big screen amid a frame of arcing sparks when the new ST film trailer first hit screens in January '08.

No matter what else he does, Anthony will always own a piece of lore as the first new Star Trek face—no matter how brief—to go before audiences in the JJ Jeneration. After I sat down with him for an interview upcoming in Titan's Star Trek magazine, he played guinea pig for me and obliged a brief "shout out" vlog to say hi to the curious and help launch this site ...

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