Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trekland hits Vegasland 2014: Tour, trivia, TNG, The Experience

Whoa, here it is—where you Vegasites will find me at the Rio after our LA2Vegas Trek Tour
comes rolling in Tuesday night, and our "Kirk memorial" day trip to the Valley of Fire.

Special note this year: The annual debut of TREKLAND: On Speaker! This year, it's  Vol. 3, "DS9's Finale: What They Left Behind," on the 15th anniversary of the 2-hour epic and the end of the series!

You can also find Vol. 2 at my TABLE, but specific hours will be posted this year. Still working on that—check in later.


9 pm, Masquerade Bar (casino): Really? Our fourth annual preview-night "Landing Party" sponsored by Trekland, Mission Log Podcast and Glue Guns and Phasers. Fun and prizes and a hard-core's early-bird meetup of your Vegas regulars!  Hope I'm not too sunburned.

12:30 pm.:  Rapid-Fire Trivia—the return of this pretty simple trivia bash with prizes supplied by our freinds at CBS Consumer Products. Just me and you... just get in line!

9 p.m.: Special screening off-site (Brenden Theaters,  across the street 2 blocks west) of THE GREEN GIRL, bio-documentary about Susan "Vina" Oliver and her long career, studio rebel, speed pilot/driver life, and early push as a female director. I was one of many to talk on camera for director George Pappy, including Celeste Yarnell. Panel afterwards! Only 96 seats: Some seats still available (online only).

11:55 pm: Special free screening off-site (AMC Town Square, on the Strip) of "Fairest of Them All," Star Trek Continues' "Mirror, Mirror" followup.  I am still proud to remain as a creative consultant. Panel afterward includes most of crew and cast present.


Daytime: At the table, but check hours: I'll be doing vidchats at times.


Daytime: Same as Friday, but get for a little cosplay surprise...

9-11 p.m.:  My Rio room 18006: The annual "Dr. Trek Show" crowdfunder to benefit THE CON OF WRATH: $20 not only gets you a screen credit but also a shot at prize trivia, rare Trek video and sneak peeks at the docs so far. And a shot at getting some more Trek tales out of me.

1:50 pm:  Panel talk; "20th Anniversary of the TNG Finale" This will be fun, and I have a surprise reading: The Lost Draft of the theft of the Enterprise-D!

5:20: "We Touched the Future: The Impact of Star Trek: The Experience"—panel with STTE veterans and fans/coworkers from the audience.

You're not coming to any of these by now unless you're already AT Vegas. Hope to see you, off this quick intro!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

And...we're off! The 2014 LA2Vegas Trek Tour has sailed

Yep, the Trek Tour 2014 is underway!

Social media will chart our progress, under #trektour and #LA2Vegas on Twitter, for one thing, but —in this crazy week twixt Comic-Con and Trek Vegas.... here's at least a look at our launch: the Saturday afternoon welcome dinner at Lucy's across from Paramount, where Gene and Co. would water (especially after Nickodell's closed and was swallowed up by the expanded front of the Paramount lot, circa 1993.)

A good group, don't you think? And we're even missing one late arrival. More Aussies and Brits than Americans... some Vegas vets, some newbies... and you can meet them all in just a few days at Vegas.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Trekland at Comic-Con San Diego: fast and furious edition

Considering this IS Thursday already of my two-day #SDCC visit cut short by the LA2Vegas Trek Tour start on Saturday back in LA.... here it is: Short and sweet!

My stuff--in the strictest sense:

2:30-6 pm—Autograph Alley signing, Sails Pavilion

2:30-7 pm—Autograph Alley signing, Sails Pavilion

8-9 pm—Room 28DE: State of the Trek fan forum, where we all can learn from each other.  (Click on that link to give me a head count, if you are plannign to come.)

But, in this very tight two weeks—that's it.

Note that we are NOT having a Dr. Trek fundraiser this year for "The Con of Wrath:" I'm simply too pressed for time to put my shoulder into it this year, as it needs to be done, so I'll catch you hard-cores Saturday night in Vegas!

Still, there's a slew of Trek related programming and vets going on here too—the most in ages. I'm looking forward to seeing my old boss Dan Madsen, who's running the Her Universe fashion show tonight for Ashley Eckstein. Some of my good Trekland buds doing panels and such on the list here I'm going to have to miss by leaving "early," or even via overlaps (I'm looking at you, my new Nobility castmates), but that the way the tourbus tumbles.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

VEGAS ALERT: See "The Green Girl" bio-documentary, but get tix now!

UPDATE: Wow, folks—you did it! With an hour to go, the 66-seat threshold was met. Now, there's still 30 more seats available, so don;t wait til Thursday of STLV: if you want to go, reserve it now at the same site.

Yes, I was proud to be part of this wonderful documentary "The Green Girl," about studio rebel, glass-ceiling-breaker and go-to guest star Susan "Vina" Oliver. But as an indie film, it;s been hard to see on a big screen--until now: Director George Pappy Jr. has a chance to show it very near the Rio during Vegas Trek weekend!

But you have to act fast to make it happen—by THIS Monday night, July 21.

George has an IMAX showing set up a long block away from the Rio at 9-11 pm Thursday, July 31—but to make it work, the house needs to clear 66 tickets at the GATHR system online on-demand website. Go here to get your tickets now and help make sure it "makes." (Your card is not even charged until the quota is hit, and it is "for sure" happening.)

At the time I write this, the showing still needs 28 tickets sold—but surely out of the thousands pouring into the Rio for the Khhaaaann, a few dozen fans have no Thursday night plans and would love to see a rare big-screen treat about this woman we know so well, and yet so little.  A panel and giveaways, too! And once the minimum 66 sell, there will be more seats.

Best of all, no fears: Like me, you can attend this 9 p.m. event and STILL make the midnight free screening and post-panel for Star Trek Continues' "Fairest Of Them All" at the AMC Town Square 18 on the Strip.

I was pleased to join a near-full house for "The Green Girl" premiere and panel in Hollywood last spring (at left); and since then, there's been just one Gathr screening set: July 29 in L.A.—so this is indeed a rare treat as the film is just starting to get known. (I'm sure George would love to have you Like the Facebook page as well.)

Here's the invite George wrote on the Unofficial Vegas Trek Facebook page:

Hi everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself and invite you (if you’re in Vegas Thursday night, July 31) to stroll one block down from the Kahn to see my documentary about Susan Oliver (who you’ll all remember as Vina from “The Cage”/”The Menagerie.” Her Orion Slave Girl remains one of TOS’s enduring icons even 50 years after her original work on the pilot. Sadly for Susan, she died quite young and missed out on the modern convention era, so she never really got the chance to connect with all her fans like so many others continue to do even today.

This film has been a 3-year labor of love and tells the remarkable story of one of the most prolific actresses of her era, an accomplished female pilot (one of the first to ever fly the Lear Jet), and one of only a handful of women who directed television in the early 1980’s (including a M*A*S*H).

We’ve been lucky enough to get this chance to show you the movie at the IMAX just one block from the Rio on Thursday, July 31 at 9pm. I hope to have Larry Nemecek and Celeste "Yeoman MArtha Landon" Yarnall (who are both in the movie) there with me to do a Q&A afterwards, and we’ll be giving away some free Green Girl T-shirts and copies of the DVD (which is making its first public appearance at the convention).

The IMAX will only hold the theater for this screening if we can get at least 60 more fans to reserve their seats by July 21 (I know, that’s really soon!). We really hope you can come and that you’ll help us make sure the screening happens – Susan Oliver’s amazing story deserves to be seen and shared (so please tell all your friends, too)!

You can reserve your seats (AND see the movie’s trailer) here:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

LA ALERT: FREE TOS/STC screening/writers Saturday

Hey everyone!  This Saturday, July 12, 10:00am - 1:00pm at Glendale Central Library (222 E. Harvard St. Glendale, CA), come to a stellar Star Trek panel! Interact with Walter Koenig (Chekov), Marc Cushman (award winning Star Trek author of These are the Voyages Star Trek TOS Books), Mark Altman (writer/producer of Free Enterprise), John D.F. Black (sole surviving producer of Star Trek, TOS) and Scott Mantz of Access Hollywood.

AND, we'll be screening a clip of Official Star Trek Continues newest episode -- "FAIREST OF THEM ALL" -- followed by discussion with myself, assistant director Chris White, and actress Kipleigh Brown.

FREE admission and 3 hours FREE parking (with validation from library) at the Market Place structure off Harvard St. you are in the LA area and love you some Original Series, plus Star Trek Continues' depiction of it... you have a don't-miss triple whammy this Saturday, July 12, 10 a.m.- 1 p.m. in Glendale.
And it's all free!

First up at the Glendale Central Library, 222 E. Harvard St., there's a stellar Star Trek panel with Walter Koenig (Chekov), Marc Cushman (award winning Star Trek author of These Are the Voyages TOS books), Mark Altman (writer/producer of Free Enterprise), John D.F. Black (sole surviving producer of Star Trek, TOS) and Scott Mantz of Access Hollywood.

After that, hang on for the screening of a clip from STC's most recent, "Fairest of Them All" (the mirror universe follow-up) -- and then a panel with director James Kerwin, assistant director Chris White, and actress Kipleigh Brown.

That's a knock-out, historic first panel—and if you have somehow not seen Marc's books yet, they are incredibly dense with TOS material. I know all those buds on the TOS side—as well as that lineup coming on afterward. I wish I could be there...but family calls, during my "rest" this month.

Yes, the day is free—plus get 3 hours' free parking (with validation from library) at the Market Place shopping center parking structure off Harvard Street.

Click in at the Facebook event page here.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SoonerCon's always special for me—and now, with Vic!

Another fast con turnaround — no time for posting new vidchats or Trunk offerings, sorry! — but this time it's for the roots.

Yes, it's time for my annual pilgrimmage to SoonerCon — and a few days' visit "back home."

That's why, big or small, nothing compares to my now-annual trip back to OKC and catching up with both fan-friends and everybody else from my first 35 years on this planet... as much as I can! Once again, I want to thank Jerry Wall and Leonard "Confather" Bishop for having me back as a featured guest, even though Trekland is hardly a big chunk of interest there. Anime is growing amid the multi-program tracks that already focus on gaming, guests for a huge art show and authors' panels, live role-play, and a cosplay/costuming track so big it's sponsored by Bernina of OKC. Yep, SoonerCon 23 is emerging from its traditonal lit-con roots to embrace media and continues on the rise since the 2006 re-startup. (By the way, Midwest City is a southeast OKC suburb, minutes from downtown and Bricktown off I-40.)

This year will be fun for me as they have mon capitan Vic Mignogna in as the anime GoH, as SCon grows that track of its programming. Even as, of course, Vic pulls double duty across genres and "helps" me out with the American big-screen debut of Star Trek Continues' Mirror epic, "Fairest of Them All." With luck I'll get him down to Norman for some eats—or at least over to Cattlemen's, eh?

Most of all, I look forward to connecting once again with all the "new", post-90s goings on in Red Dirt Fandom—as I finally realized a few years back that coming to SoonerCon needed to be more than "old home week" for me. There is so much go on in Oklahoma with indie filmmaking and all the new genres repping upand even in Trek fandom, where newer folks know me only from the Companion, STC, Stellar Cartography and all those podcasts—not so much from the "old days" of ThunderCon, and schlepping my concordance fanzines every year. (I just hope I can also make a run up to Claremore to check in on the Will Rogers Memorial again—it's been a few.)

As for me at SCon, I'll have all things Trekland on hand—including my "Trekland: On Speaker Vol. 2 for "All Good Things", and the latest on "The Con of Wrath"—plus news of my two new non-profit boards I'm spending time on: the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum, fresh off its "Bureacratic Kickstarter" to amp up sponsors for actual opening, and the looming "Enterprise in Space" real-world orbiter mission, about to kick off in July.

So, hey—if you're in easy driving range of OKC (and that's several states' worth, for a 3-4 hour drive) it's still not too late to get these ridiculously reasonable membership rates and come on down, still. Just better come on down and say "Dr. Trek sent me!"

I mean, just CHECK OUT all the guests and this full weekend schedule—much less my part of it:

8:00 pm        Ballroom C - Main Programming Star Trek Continues 
2:00 pm Ballroom C - Main Programming Larry's Trekland: Between the Cracks
4:00 pm Ballroom C - Main Programming Star Trek Continues
10:00 pm Parlor Room 103 (Sheraton) "Con of Wrath" Meetup CrowdFunder 

1:00 pm       Ballroom C - Main Programming What Star Trek Means to Me (panel)
2:00 pm       Artist's Alley  downstairs Autographs

I'll be tabling much of the weekend, too.

So tell me—any Treklanders headed in? (Crappy hits-whore bloggers, YOU can stay home.)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

TODAY: Latest in's doc series on ST Continues

Have you seen these? A crew from was on-site last March to film a zillion sit-downs of Star Trek Continues cast and crew and behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot. ...all for a five-part online doc series  they are now posting almost daily. Some of me is in those digital film "cans" as well; they certainly shot enough folks and footage.

Parts 1 and 2 were released last weekend on the eve of the online premier date for "Fairest of Them All," the "Mirror, Mirror" follow-on sequel that is getting rave reviews.

With series like this as proof of its appeal and quality, I have no problem with promoting and staying in the think tank for STC, with an eye down the road for even more creative playing in the Trek TOS sandbox.

And now, Part 3 is up in the Wired series, just today! It's a tour by Vic of the incredible 1701 sets in Georgia, co-built and shared by Continues and Farragut Films.

SO—what do you think? IS the bridge your favorite--or are you in the minority?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Back to BayouCon!—and SoonerCon right behind

For some reason they just love them some Trekland in small-but-growing BayouCon in southwest Louisiana—so I'll see all my Cajun friends there again this weekend for Year Number 5, right?

Although it is on the smaller end of the con scale, I always have a great time with the fan-folks and food of "Contraband Country," and hope everyone makes it out. Who knows, maybe another junior blogger will be on hand to pick up a new headline-grabbing non-tidfbit?

It's a jammed weekend as you can see here, and I don't arrive until just as it all opens, so here's what's what for just me:

@ 8:45, Film Festival : I'll do a mini-Q&A at the end of screening Star Trek Continues Ep. 1, "Pilgrim of Eternity"

4 pm, Main Stage: "Trekland: Between the Cracks": My old favorite venue for the latest visual springboards to news, in-jokes, throwbacks and topic-starters. And, of course,  constantly updated with the most in "What kind of world we live in" from the Trekland perspective: have you realized what's really going on these days?

@7:40 pm, Film Festival: Post-screening Q&A after 7pm showing of Star Trek Continues' Ep. 3, "Fairest of Them All"—This is the one JUST OUT…from the mirror universe. Proud to be consulting and on hand for this one.

8-10 pm, Film Festival: The latest CON OF WRATH crowdfunder-meetup "Dr. Trek Show"; as usual, it's a pitch-in $20 for a screen credit, plus a shot at prize trivia, rare Trek clips and sneak peeks from the doc.

12 noon, Main Stage: Our "State of the Trek" Open forum on what's up with the biz and the fandom of Trek. Prepare to have your perspective stretched by me as well as fellow fans.

And there you go, Cajuns. I hear there's a new recipe of jambalaya comin' backstage … 

Meanwhile, NEXT weekend, Red Dirt Staters:

I'll focus on it more in a day or two, but the schedule for SoonerCon 23 is already up for next weekend back in Oklahoma City,or, actually, suburban Midwest City—which doubles as my annual entree to a visit "back home." All our Trekland fun is on tap there too—including a Con of Wrath "Dr. Trek" crowdfunder meetup, of course—plus it's the added bonus of being back among my peeps. And this year with mon capitan Vic Mignogna on site, too—assuming he survives his Aussie sojourn!  

One-day or full SCon membership passes in all forms are still available—online, mail, other locations, and at the door!