Sunday, May 22, 2016

Awesome snapshot captures moi and many at Beyond Fan Day event

More thoughts and images to come on this... But I just had to post this now:

With a thousand people squeezed in to the ST Beyond "Fan Day" hoopla Friday night, this was an amazing moment caught by the event photog—and then as the one frame chosen for the press kit: Click to enlarge and see so many friends and colleagues caught in the shot! And all of them playing...

While I am hard at work (lower right, interviewing fan). Of course!

(Look for the results of my labors, barely slipped in on deadline, in the next official Star Trek Magazine from Titan UK/US.)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Star Trek 2017 TV Logo and First-Look Teaser!

Well, they managed to upstage the "Beyond" movie event Friday, after all. Dang those UpFronts' timing! The Internet is melting down as we speak! 

And now the first hint of a webpage for ST2017 just went live!

Here's to someone finally getting that it can be synergy, not competition, between these two giants corners of Gene's sandbox. Even if by accident. The two news headlines ought to reinforce each other, in mainstream media circles, as #TheWeekOfTwoTrailers.

Meanwhile, here in Trekland, this new TV promo has to be one of the slickest teaserly-only moments for any such anticipatedly secret/undeveloped early stage project ever. Sure shows some Who title influences as well as alt-verse... which proves that, yes, CBS production values and CGI have indeed proceeded along since 2005. Relax, fansonce again, you don't look backwards to the last war when you're about to fight the next one, so to speak.

Or ...maybe this joy merely springs from the knowledge we have already, and what we have is a hunger+faith formula to end the Fallow Times and Boldly Go every week again. Finally.

What do YOU think? I know I can't wait to deep-dive this series as soon as the dust settles. Or, yeah, probably a lot sooner.

Bring on the movie fans!—and this ST Beyond event

UPDATE: per Paramount: "The event will not be live streamed in it’s [sic] entirety. Buzzfeed Entertainment will be live streaming a portion of the event through their Facebook page. "

Bless me, but I'm actually excited for Friday. 

After this long fallow decade of Trek... after two flashy yet brief film trips to the alt-Trek they created... with an actual, short-season Prime episode run coming as flagship of the new CBS All-Access ... and the excitement it has spawned running far more than the movie's—the one with a troubled start and practically no promotion so far...

Bless me, but I'm actually excited for this Star Trek Beyond Fan Event and Trailer #2 Premiere Friday night on the Paramount lot, led by director Justin Lin (left) and more headline cast/crew names TBA soon. Sorry, it's going to feel a bit "local" in the turnout, you far-flung fans reading this—unless you were among a handful to win a paid trip from Paramount to see it. (Or, of course, catch it on Facebook Live streaming.)

But even without that "radical" access ... it's literally going where no on-lot, live Trek movie promo event has gone before–especially for the public. Far more than just the trailer and talkers, I hear talk of some really cool displays—so we'll see!  "Star Trek: The Temporary Experience" is as welcome as any right now.

All of us will be eager to finally see what this jump-start buzz machine will actually jump-start among fans, their social media, and even hard-core media. That's the catch-up strategy, and it's already starting up this week.

But I also can't wait to meet and hear from the alt-movie fans, for once—if indeed a lot of them get in the gates Friday. I don't know that they always break through the "established" circles of fandom that tend to circle me... but I am so ready to gauge their reactions and feelings about what is unveiled this night. I really, really hope to finally meetup a lot of the fanbase who've come to Trek only since 2009, via the big-screen entry point.

With time not on the side of print media, I'll be writing a piece for Star Trek Magazine about not so much the event but the variety of fan feelings that night about both it and the movie. 

Look, as this unusual decade has played out with Trek in flux, my own perspective has finally evolved to understanding that while the "alt-verse" was not my first choice, this an overall well-cast film series has been amazing at pumping in new fans, and grabbing respect in The Town and This Media. It's been the best entry-level drug Star Trek has had in decades.

And if I haven't said it lately, I've said it often on-air: I had been excited to see what Bob Orci was going to bring to the series once left to his own, with JJ Abrams' shifting his gaze to Warsland; I felt for a long time that the JJ veneer on top of any Trek that Bob or anyone has done has been greatly underrealized, and had been eager to see what the final product would be without that veneer. for once. That said, even with its rushed restart after Orci's story was let go, I still have high hopes for the script that fanboy Simon Pegg and partner Doug Jung (right) turned out—and I pay no attention to group think: Lin has directed a far wider range of tales than simply that F&F tag he was stuck with—and he rejuvenated that. (Awesome profile on his life and its affect on his storytelling here.) 

I always hope for the best, and I'm really pulling for these guys. Maybe it's a luxury of optimism, now that we know a weekly return to Prime is due next winter. 

We'll see Friday. 

And I can hardly wait.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hello, Houston and Phoenix—get ready for Trekland!

5/21/16 UPDATE: Due to our lone but major Con of Wrath shoot subject's medical emergency, this Houston trip has been postponed—and, thus, our appearance at Space City. The con was a late add-on to this trip, thanks to SCCC, so it made no sense to go at this time. I miss the chance to talk with local fans about their knowledge of our subject—or not!

Check it out: I'll now be seeing you fine fan folks for two days of Space City Comic-Con in Houston May 27-28 —tied in with our last planning shooting trip for "The Con of Wrath"—AND at Phoenix Comicon over its final three days, June 3-5.

That all just came together in the last three weeks or so—and my con calendar just got a lot busier even further afield. Houston details are in flux, but here's what I can tell you:

Aside from planning my own panel and a table at Houston Space City, I'll also be joining our Star Trek Continues gang on site — Chris, Michelle, Chuck and guest Gigi— for at least one panel, too, around the 2 p.m. Saturday screening.

Most of all, because we'll be in the HOME TOWN of "The Con of Wrath,"  aka Ultimate Fantasy and HoustonCon 1982... we'll be filming some special footage with random Trek fans for the documentary as well. And within the bowels of Space City, I'll be talking Enterprise in Space, too, of course.

Meanwhile a week later in downtown Phoenix, here's the skinny on me for PHXCC: two true panels and my solo Trekland shot at 3 p.m. Saturday.

"PHXCC" also looks to be the first for one of my pioneering Portal 47 perks: a local meetup for member deep-divers in a given area where I'm a con guest. And, apparently, our Phoenix colony insists on it.

The venues are TBA, but at BOTH cons you can count on a "Dr. Trek Show" crowdfunder party for the doc, as I've hosted across the country since 2012—two hours of prize trivia, rare Trek video, sneak peeks from "Con of Wrath"....and Portal-like tales from me. Stay tuned, and make sure to be "liked" on both my Trekland and "Con of Wrath" Facebook pages to keep up. 

If you're going to be on hand at either event, make sure to come say hello or make it to a panel—or even to "Dr. Trek."

We'll also update this and a stand-alone
post for Houston as it gets closer in.

Oh—and still later: Aside from my regular summer con schedule of late, note also that I'll now be a guest again finally at hallowed Shore Leave in Baltimore July 15-17, and a Library Portal Trek tour across mid-Michigan in September! More on all that later as well, too.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Onion moment on 'Conan': Star Trek still too popular?

Sure, it's a fun clip... played for laughs by Conan & crew.

But it brings up a larger question:

Is it a good thing that we live in a world where Star Trek has gone so mainstream, having helped lead the successful geek revolution ... that it smacks of joyless canonista to point out that an actual "lost" TOS-era clip would have had swarthy, smooth-head Klingons—not ridgeheads?

Or would that prove the fact that once again Trekfen can't take a joke, and can't be equally ridiculed on the mainstage as all other aspects of culture should be open to?

I mean, you can be a clueless fan and call in to Conan to correct that... and you know it'll just lead to more comebacks that will prove the point Or already have.

Where DO you draw the line? And no father?  #firstworldgenremetaproblems

Friday, May 13, 2016

LAST CHANCE tickets for BEYOND fan event May 20!

You've heard all about it ... and likely seen the official, now-closed contest for giveaway tickets... to the big May 20 fan event and Trailer #2 preview hosted by director Justin Lin and cast for the third "alt-verse" Trek film BEYOND, due in theaters July 22.

You've even likely seen the other ticket giveaways from other sites, blogs and podcasts. Did you miss out?

If so, here's your LAST CHANCE... from Trekland and Portal 47:

WIN one of FIVE pairs of tickets to this 7 p.m. event right on the lot of Paramout Pictures in Hollywood with Lin and more—NEXT FRIDAY.  I'll be there, too! 

How? It's simple: Just email me your answer to this question, to

What is another aspect of the Kirk-era "Prime" universe that you feel should ALSO be a change seen in the current alt-verse Trek feature films? *

Now, alt-verse haters, back off. I mean this all in fun: Let's see how deep YOU can dive on this. And I don't need an essay—short answers are fine.

The first FIVE answers I receive that I judge best (creative, original... you know) will be declared winners, and each win a pair of tickets. 

The brief rules:

—Deadline is midnight Pacific time, THIS Sunday, May 15. Simply email to

—Your full name, along with your email off the entry, is required. You can name your second ticket-mate, or just go for now as a +1. 

—MOST of all, this prize is admission for two for this one Friday evening event only—no dream trips, sorry. If you are not IN Los Angeles already that evening or plan to get there yourself if you win, then these won't be much good to you stuck on Rigel VII or Tellar Prime.

Once winners are turned in to Paramount, the studio will get in contact about any further information, guidelines, etc.

BTW, here's how that official Paramount release described the night:
The one-time only special event, taking place at the historic Paramount Pictures studio lot, will include the premiere of the newest Star Trek Beyond trailer, an exclusive first-look of never before seen footage from the upcoming film, a Q&A with Lin and the cast and crew, special guests appearances, and other surprises. The Q&A will be streamed via Facebook Live.

And hey—I'll collect the five winners (and maybe some runners-up?) and post them next week. We'll have to grab pics of our Trekland/ PORTAL 47 winners that night at the event, too, of course.

*ie, Random or not—in the alt-verse, Vulcan is gone, Amanda is dead and George Kirk died early; Kirk was born in space, Chekov was born four years earlier, and the Enterprise and most all tech is vastly more advanced than their Prime equivalent at the same time due to the  leapfrogging info downloaded off the century-later Narada. SO—what's an aspect of the Prime timeline that you WISH was changed in the alt?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Last day "To Boldly Indiegogo" for Continues—and it will

Today— ending at midnight Pacific time— is the last day you can jump into the "To Boldy Indiegogo" crowdfunder campaign for my beloved Star Trek Continues, where *I* jumped in as Dr. McCoy twice and remain aboard as creative consultant.

If you have not done so thus far, I wish you'd make that leap—especially if you jumped into either of the bang-up "Kirkstarter" drives before ... because you loved the bang-up quality and love of the amazing, Star Trek Continues stories, and their recreated look and feel. Five times now, on time and on budget—right?

And now a final day all-levels donor's bonus is just out.
Oh, and did you know: the Webby-winning Continues is now a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 non-profit filed with the IRS—so, for Americans at least, you can even take you donation as a tax deduction!

But, hey, I know what's up: Unless you've been living under a fake styrofoam rock the past few months, you know the fan-film world has been thrown into a tizzy over the Axanar lawsuit and the ripples from it. And then the whole future of Trek fan films seems uncertain, as the studio Trek "fallow time" finally ends and we get an exciting canon series back in episodic form next winter—which is the positive future where a lot of my Trekland focus is going.
But in the here and now today, no matter what, let me just assure you this:  Your faith, as well as your much appreciated cash, will not be in vain in Star Trek Continues if you check aboard this Indiegogo campaign. You have my word on that. And Captain Vic's—check his update video on the Indiegogo page at "13 Days Ago." (Today's offer supersedes the bonus mentoned.)

The announced plan was for STC to end after 13 episodes anyway, with a original "finale" that leads into the situation seen at the beginning of The Motion Picture. The crowdfunding strategy was to go big on a goal after the two prior conservative targets of $100K, and thus make a longer haul over time with less crowdfunding. (My local NPR station, knowing even supportive listeners are weary of the on-air fundraisers, did the same thing with a larger goal to cover the entire election season without interruption.)

But to hedge the risk, STC made the switch to Indiegogo—where, unlike the goal-or-bust structure of Kickstarter, you keep whatever you raise. On the other side of the coin, Kickstarter is supposedly more of a comfort for risk-averse donors, of course—but here we thought that with STC's track record of transparency it would be a moot point.

But as you notice: the campaign and its next episodes are going ahead. So if you've been hesitant about helping out this time, let me just say this:

I am as excited about Star Trek Continues as I was when I first recorded this back in 2013, from Sickbay— or any of the other vidchats with STC regulars, crew and guests I've done so far. Many of which I've still not posted!

There's lots more good Star Trek Continues background stuff coming here—just as with the main STC series, where Ep. 6 and 7 that were crowdfunder-supported last year will be out online over Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays: "Come Not Between the Dragons" and "The Winds of Change."

Thanks for listening. Here's the link one more time.
Now, I just need to crowd-fund a few round-trip airfares to Toronto...

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Me at #SciFiScarbs: Two hot updates not to miss

So yes, you Brit Treklanders bound for SciFi Scarborough—you know I'm headed your way in just a week! 

But do you know the deets on my TWO special SFS events—one of them limited seating... and the other just announced, and free?

First off: They tell me ONLY 60 TICKETS!  Get yours now for the biggest-ever, stage-sized edition of "Dr. Trek Show" in support of The Con of Wrath documentary —in the adjacent Crescent Hotel theatre at 8 pm Saturday (2000 hours), with LIMITED SEATING.  Tickets available in advance from the hotel (email, or by phone at 01723 360 929; I'll have some at my table on Saturday, too.  Click in on the Facebook event page to let me know you are en route.

But that's already on the grid. Guess what else I just came up with? 

Are you already going to be in Scarbs for Con Eve Friday? Want to catch me and some hot project news ahead of the con? 

Then get yourself over to my informal Trekland meetup at 8 pm at the Crescent Hotel bar— and pass the word! If you're an SFS early-bird and you know your dilithium from a deflector dish, you better be at the Crescent Hotel's bar for a special hour of readings, a prize drawing, and my first-ever chance to bring you U.K. fans some exciting news ... LIVE!  You'll be the first in all Europe to hear it. 

A Facebook event page click for that is always a big help, too.

I always love meeting and talking with Trek fans in a new locale... even moreso when I get out of the States to do it. It's always refreshing and re-energizing ... and often eye-opening, too. I'm really, really looking forward to sharing and interpreting the best of Trekland with "all y'all."