Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Last day "To Boldly Indiegogo" for Continues—and it will

Today— ending at midnight Pacific time— is the last day you can jump into the "To Boldy Indiegogo" crowdfunder campaign for my beloved Star Trek Continues, where *I* jumped in as Dr. McCoy twice and remain aboard as creative consultant.

If you have not done so thus far, I wish you'd make that leap—especially if you jumped into either of the bang-up "Kirkstarter" drives before ... because you loved the bang-up quality and love of the amazing, Star Trek Continues stories, and their recreated look and feel. Five times now, on time and on budget—right?

And now a final day all-levels donor's bonus is just out.
Oh, and did you know: the Webby-winning Continues is now a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 non-profit filed with the IRS—so, for Americans at least, you can even take you donation as a tax deduction!

But, hey, I know what's up: Unless you've been living under a fake styrofoam rock the past few months, you know the fan-film world has been thrown into a tizzy over the Axanar lawsuit and the ripples from it. And then the whole future of Trek fan films seems uncertain, as the studio Trek "fallow time" finally ends and we get an exciting canon series back in episodic form next winter—which is the positive future where a lot of my Trekland focus is going.
But in the here and now today, no matter what, let me just assure you this:  Your faith, as well as your much appreciated cash, will not be in vain in Star Trek Continues if you check aboard this Indiegogo campaign. You have my word on that. And Captain Vic's—check his update video on the Indiegogo page at "13 Days Ago." (Today's offer supersedes the bonus mentoned.)

The announced plan was for STC to end after 13 episodes anyway, with a original "finale" that leads into the situation seen at the beginning of The Motion Picture. The crowdfunding strategy was to go big on a goal after the two prior conservative targets of $100K, and thus make a longer haul over time with less crowdfunding. (My local NPR station, knowing even supportive listeners are weary of the on-air fundraisers, did the same thing with a larger goal to cover the entire election season without interruption.)

But to hedge the risk, STC made the switch to Indiegogo—where, unlike the goal-or-bust structure of Kickstarter, you keep whatever you raise. On the other side of the coin, Kickstarter is supposedly more of a comfort for risk-averse donors, of course—but here we thought that with STC's track record of transparency it would be a moot point.

But as you notice: the campaign and its next episodes are going ahead. So if you've been hesitant about helping out this time, let me just say this:

I am as excited about Star Trek Continues as I was when I first recorded this back in 2013, from Sickbay— or any of the other vidchats with STC regulars, crew and guests I've done so far. Many of which I've still not posted!

There's lots more good Star Trek Continues background stuff coming here—just as with the main STC series, where Ep. 6 and 7 that were crowdfunder-supported last year will be out online over Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays: "Come Not Between the Dragons" and "The Winds of Change."

Thanks for listening. Here's the link one more time.
Now, I just need to crowd-fund a few round-trip airfares to Toronto...

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Me at #SciFiScarbs: Two hot updates not to miss

So yes, you Brit Treklanders bound for SciFi Scarborough—you know I'm headed your way in just a week! 

But do you know the deets on my TWO special SFS events—one of them limited seating... and the other just announced, and free?

First off: They tell me ONLY 60 TICKETS!  Get yours now for the biggest-ever, stage-sized edition of "Dr. Trek Show" in support of The Con of Wrath documentary —in the adjacent Crescent Hotel theatre at 8 pm Saturday (2000 hours), with LIMITED SEATING.  Tickets available in advance from the hotel (email, or by phone at 01723 360 929; I'll have some at my table on Saturday, too.  Click in on the Facebook event page to let me know you are en route.

But that's already on the grid. Guess what else I just came up with? 

Are you already going to be in Scarbs for Con Eve Friday? Want to catch me and some hot project news ahead of the con? 

Then get yourself over to my informal Trekland meetup at 8 pm at the Crescent Hotel bar— and pass the word! If you're an SFS early-bird and you know your dilithium from a deflector dish, you better be at the Crescent Hotel's bar for a special hour of readings, a prize drawing, and my first-ever chance to bring you U.K. fans some exciting news ... LIVE!  You'll be the first in all Europe to hear it. 

A Facebook event page click for that is always a big help, too.

I always love meeting and talking with Trek fans in a new locale... even moreso when I get out of the States to do it. It's always refreshing and re-energizing ... and often eye-opening, too. I'm really, really looking forward to sharing and interpreting the best of Trekland with "all y'all." 


Friday, March 18, 2016

Last day! Harlan's CITY audiobook stretch goal perks

Hey, crew—with so MUCH Trekland news and projects flying by in subspace, it's hard to keep up, I know. I know! 

But I'm been lax to talk about a wonderful project I got to be part of— the audiobook of Harlan Ellison's original "City of the Edge of Forever" scripts and the saga in-between, from Skyboat Media... and today is the final day (4 pm Pacific/ 7 pm Eastern) to be part of it all and get perks for its stretch goals from a smashing Kickstarter drive!

You saw the graphic novel a couple years ago under CBS' wing... THIS is an audiobook of that once-published story PLUS all the drafts before, scripted or not—PLUS Harlan's version of the story then and over the years, as only he can "set it straight." And you know the salt content of Harlan's personal logs...

Talented voices bring life to Beckwith, Trooper, LeBeque, and all the other characters you never knew (along with Sister Edith and the Trek regulars, of course)  from the Writer's Guild-winning version that later became the Hugo-award winning classic TOS episode...including LeVar Burton as the narrator...and moi, who tosses in a commentary (along with David Gerrold, D.C. Fontana, et al—great company!) —and the pivotal (koff, koff) role of a transporter chief.

The KS drive and the stretch goals chance ends at 4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern TODAY, so check it out!

And get some samples of iconic Harlan, and the likes of Jean Smart and the cast, here:

Twill be out from Skyboat Media, Harlan's longtime audio publisher, by summer convention time. Look for it! They'll be boothing at Vegas, #STLV— and I'll have more here, too.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

We ARE going to Sci-Fi Scarborough, mates—and you?

Our UK drought is really over, now—thanks to SciFi Scarborough, a growing convention on the northeast English seacoast, who has us heading across the pond for a big Trek 5-0 splash with all things #Trekland April 9-10. A Victorian-era spa locale... and good tickets left, too!

All those years of working long-distance with Londoners at the old Fact Files... and the nearly 20 years (wow) I've logged my Fistful of Data column in the UK-based Star Trek magazine ... and yet DSTL in late 2014 was the first time in over a dozen years I'd got to mix it up with all the great UK fans. Way overdue, and just gobsmacked to gin up with those exuberant Brits!

(Thanks to Southside Broadcasting and SirenFM host Alex Lewczuk and gang for just having me on to talk all things Trek, Trekland, and the looming clambake in Scarborough—archived now here, 20 minutes starting at 24:20).

Aside from opening a European front (and time-zone) for Portal 47... and spreading the global future-leaning student excitement for Enterprise in Space... I'm also thrilled to be adapting my "Dr. Trek Show" benefit for "The Con of Wrath" to a large club-stage venue and a lot more eyeballs. They're even doing some special photo shoots at SFS, too.

Plus, it's the first overseas convention that Janet will be along with me in, what —six years? So, Scarbsers, get your glory-days Hart Building Trek BTS questions lined up! 

See? Just look at that cross-genre guest line-up... my fellows from Garrett Wang onward.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

No joke: I'm Cleveland-bound for CONcoction!

Time for another personal first: My first trip to Cleveland and meeting all those North Coast fans ... the weekend of March 11-13 at locally produced CONcoction scifi/media con at the airport Sheraton!

The CONcoction folks were good enough to track me down at SoonerCon, and allow me to include Enterprise in Space—which has grown so in scope and partners this past year and is still hungry for "virtual crew" —and now with perk levels.

What's more, I'm looking forward to seeing to seeing some of our varied Star Trek Continues crew/crew from the area, too.

CONCoction is another surviving old-school model sci-fi/media con—even though it's only been around for three years. It;s really been booming!

Here's my schedule—and I'll also be tabling, and finding more willing Portal 47 deep-divers as well:


2 pm, Main Progr/Orion— Trekland "Between the Cracks"—including "Enterprise in Space"  News of today, memories of the past, projections into the future, and in-jokes from it all.

5 pm
, Main Progr/Orion—Opening Ceremonies: Scene-setters and thank-yous

11:30 pm
Main Progr/Orion ConCoction Variety Show: Yes, I'll finally break down a con stage and warble.


1  pm, Main Progr/Orion— "Sci-Fi in Hollywood" (actual panel, with other guests)

2  pm, Pegasus/Progr. 2— "State of the Trek" Fan Forum: Come connect dots with us --there's sure a lot of new ones lately! —and vent if you need to. To me, or other fans. 

7-9 pm
, CON SUITE —"Dr. Trek Show" crowdfunder for The Con of Wrath, my doc: A convention staple by now, as we head into the last year of work. Your chance to get screen credit for $20 plus a live show of my sneak peeks, rare video, trivia prizes and backstage tales.

(We are early at this con so the nightlife can re-commence for everyone...!)


A table-only day before closing at 2 pm or so— so perfect for getting some one-on-one time.

Really, guys: I've never been in this part of the country for anything, much less a convention—I'm really looking forward to checking in with the Cleveland region fans...and thanks again to Eric and the ConCoction team for having me.

Friday, March 4, 2016

After a year: Nimoy fan/patron Bonnie Moss reflects

It's amazing how the one-year anniversary of Leonard 
Nimoy's passing stirred up again so many feelings for fans around the world and especially online. We remember how news of his passing melted down the Internet for a weekend, and was a wake-up call that his appeal had gone mainstream because Trek and its ideals had gone mainstream.

So it was an echo, a major echo, that we felt as Feb. 27 passed this year. So many felt compelled to share their feelings online, to marvel at how it had been a year already and still they felt the loss. By a quirk of timing, we even got his visage as the final frame of the 2016 Oscars "In Memorial" reel.

I helped my friend, The Con of Wrath survivor/donor and lifelong Leonard fan/patron Bonnie Moss, to share her memories of Leonard on several podcasts and interviews at the time (at right, with LN)—especially after the North Carolina gallery show of his work she helped curate, that went on just after his death. 

And then last weekend, as the timing led us to revisit those feelings for many of us, Bonnie shared an email with her friends about that one-year anniversary... and she gave me permission to share it with Trekland:

This Year Was Different:
(Bonnie Moss)

It's hard to comprehend it has been 12 months since losing one of the most beloved actors and individuals of our generation, Leonard Nimoy.  A year without his tweets making insightful and timely comments on today's world events. A year without hearing more commentary on his prior work, his profession in general or his current passions. A year without that still melodic voice, handsome visage and genuine affection for fans, expressed in new and future manifestations. We miss you. Daily.

I also give thanks that we were able to share part of those 83 years with you. Leonard Nimoy was a man of true diversity in his gifts and talents, who also admired and represented the broader diversity on this planet and beyond. He continued to challenge himself, he learned from his mistakes and he stayed true to his core values.

He loved his wife and family-even the challenges of blending two entities into one appear to have been met and he would be SO moved and proud by the ongoing respect and affection still in evidence among his loved ones. Thank-you, Susan Nimoy, for your efforts in this and for your impact on Leonard's health. You gave us more years with him than we might not have had otherwise.

Leonard would have loved celebrating Star Trek's 50th this year. He was looking forward to it. He certainly would have found a way to be part of it, by skype, social media or through another creative conduit, given his health limitations. Instead, we will honor and treasure his memory. The two upcoming documentaries currently in production through his two children, Julie and Adam, will be an important part of this acknowledgement.

On a personal note- thanks, Leonard, for 35 years of great performances and personal kindnesses. From our first meeting: "Why are you in the rain? Come on (backstage)--you'll get wet!"  To our last: "So good to see you again."
Thank-you for taking care of us. It was good to see you too…

                            Both photos courtesy Bonnie White: Below, at a 1979
                            performance of Vincent.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cheers and tears in the news: just give me a second

Wow. I'm already behind on posting some thoughts about the passing of longtime Trek art department staffer and all-around gizmo genus Anthony Frederickson last week...

And now the whiplash news of today: a Roddenberry back in the producer credits of a Star Trek series—congrats Rod! And to Trevor Roth as well! ....yet coupled with the shock news of the passing of Emmy-wining Trek (and rebooted Battlestar) visual effects producer Gary Hutzel at age 60. Gary, for one thing, was one of the four voices heard on Trekland: On Speaker Vol. 3, celebrating the 20th anniversary of DS9's finale.

It's all a bit much at the moment, a bizarre mix of joy and sadness...all juxtapositioned on a single day. I was looking forward to seeing all of these shortly, and now... well, some not as much.

More on all this when I can give them their due, each in its own mood.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Best News Ever, Part 3: Bryan Fuller gets Nick Meyer onto #ST2017

See how simple it is when the right mix of pro producer and Trekkie get the keys? 

We are barely out of the gate, but if Bryan keeps making boldly obvious choices like adding Nick Meyer to his writing staff (and is allowed to) there's no telling what we'll be warping with come January. 

It also shows the paradigm-ripping nature of streaming, now. Just go be smart and creative--no TV-vs-film "boxes"/ labels to stop up the flow.

Hmmmm--maybe it's time to dig out my long Hi8 vidchat w Nick I never posted back from 2009.

Ironic it is that I last saw Nick at Harve Bennett's memorial last spring (photo above)--and now it's news because another Trek runner has come calling. Of course there's a lot of hurdles, both financial and human, to get over between now and premiere night. Nothing is ever certain, sadly.
But let's hope for at least an equal outcome to ST II Etc .... and to more undiscovered country in Trekland.