Wednesday, August 20, 2008

STV: It's...Manny Coto & "Brandon Brayga"!

They were at Vegas Trek to promote "24," that little project they have worked on the past few years ...but Manny Coto and Brannon Braga were also really there because of their Trek roots, natch, as former cohorts on Enterprise (Brannon, of course, having a season on his Threshold later, and previously all those "weird shit" TNG stories that morphed into being show-runner later on Voyager, too).

The guys were good enough to stop by my table for a quickie v-chat, but look who's promoting, and look who's getting his geek on for onetime Bond babe Caroline Munro ....?? (Maybe it's just because no one ever says his name right...)

(And a shout-out to my impromptu cameraman, Andrew Baumer, wherever you are, who gave me a rare chance to jump in the shot. But that's guerilla shooting, baby!)

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