Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Too much stuff?

What, did I break it?

I hate "process" entries, but it has to be said: First night back from Vegas and we're uploading video and pics, collecting our thoughts—and the hard drive slows, then the start-up hangs. Turns out the drive is fine, but I can't get anything ready to post today—even the vlogs we've already got pending. Hopefully I'll be reunited with my Mac G5 Thursday and we can get back on the road... we have some fun stuff to roll out, plus display our sign-up prizewinners, to boot.

So if you are one of the many hundreds we met in Vegas who signed up and and are new to Trekland—honestly, we really do have some low-key but ambitious plans here.

Meanwhile, as you scan here now don't forget to go to prior months. In fact, go all the way back to the beginning—and check out exactly what my philo is for both the blog and the pending website features.

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