Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Vegas line

Between the official hoopalalooza launch of TREKLAND and larrynemecek.com and the same ol' boring business types who demand lunch or happy hour at the trade show—you know who you are! ... or to even more surprise news I'm involved with ... or the even more stage time I've committed to this year ...

... this is shaping up to be the mother of all Creation Las Vegas shows already, and it's barely even Wednesday yet.

As years go by, I keep an eye out for business and fun at the cons, but I savor the few fleeting moments when all that goes away and the zing and zen of Star Trek—the wow factor, the awwwww moment, the cool make-you-smile epiphany—comes out of nowhere and actually catches you off guard, as if to taunt the well-entrenched cynic inside, "Take that!" I love it when that feeling washes over me again. Here's hoping for a lot of them this year—whether from someone with star billing, or an unguarded, purely old-school fannish moment.

Too, make sure to look me up: in the wake of startrek.com's demise I'll be carrying on the Trivia Contest tradition (with prizes, natch!) at 1 pm Thursday on Main Stage, and offering a tribute to Bob Justman at 2:10 PM Saturday in the "James Doohan Theatre." Other than that, catch me at my table (check the posted hours)! Sign up for the site and get a chance for a daily prize package drawing--and I mean a package.

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