Friday, August 8, 2008

The Vegas Vibe

Just when I think the Creation Vegas Trekapalooza (I'm trademarking that one--you heard it here first) has settled into a permanent groove, I am proven not only wrong, but reminded again about making assumptions...

The feel that hits me this year, I think, is morose determination—does that make sense?—chiefly because of the predictable sadness (and even lingering disbelief) that within a month Trekland's mecca, the Experience with its rides and museum, and Quarks' as the center of nightlife, will be no more.

Even so—and while we're not doing blow by blow news here, as you newly faithful viewers know—after two days heading into Friday and the ramp-up, the numbers are still there: I'm told there's at least 1,000 more on hand this year, the last-ride turnout "bump" of the Experience, again —but the stage shows and dealer's room are as brisk as ever. I see just as many TNG uniforms as TOS—could my famed pendulum already be swinging back?—and an awful lot of NX-01 jumpsuits. And folks are coming by to sign up for good ol' at a brisk pace—and we've had one daily prize drawing so far. More on that later...

To honor the tradition of the annual quick-draw no-losers trivia quiz my late, great buds used to lead every year, I offered to do the same--look for pics coming—and we had to send people away after 30 minutes.

So excitement IS in the air--the DS9 and Voyager reunion days are bigger than ever, and the one touch of looming JJtrek comes Sunday when Zack Quinto takes stage with Leonard, and a few more beans get spilled-- perhaps!

So as the Python boys used to say ... that's The Story So Far.
And stay tuned; I'm curious to see how many are on hand for my Bob Justman tribute.

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