Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And now--Schooldesk Trek!

They love to throw Star Trek into the lead of all kinds of mainstream science news stories. Sure, it's a great compliment that shows how iconic Trek is re: how the layman relates to science and new technology—but newshounds do it all the time.

Well, now we've gone from basic Trek future concepts ... to hero props ... to background props ... to set dressing.

Yes ... school desks!

Check out how researchers at Durham University in northeast England have unveiled a touch-system interface self-described as "Star Trek"-like. Very cool and helpful, obviously—the wave of future learning. But is this story a sign of how deeply Trek has permeated modern-day life and design ... or are science reporters just Trek-drenched? And will any new "future" Trek TV series find it impossible to reinvent futuristic design if THIS is how quickly real life catches up?

For some reason, I think we are far from being "tapped out" on touch-interfaces.

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