Saturday, November 15, 2008

Still More Presidential Treks

Beyond the mere candidates—and's cool noting of how we now have our first Trekkie president—it's clear that the media is not inundated with them, too. But not just for show: the biggest truth out there now is just how unapologeticly and even unconsciously Trek is brought up—as if the speaker assumes everyone knows quite well their passing reference. And not just on the talk shows--but talking-head cable news as well.

Well, OK, Real Time With Bill Maher crosses the line on formats with news talk and news comedy, but did you catch this from the Nov. 7 show? When Howie Mandel reveals his Canadian roots and finally gets to vote American, notice what tangent reporter/TV pundit Farai Chideya takes off on:

What's more, here's one from hard-core MSNBC: CQ's frequent TV pundit Craig Crawford is a Trekkie, too! (and a genre fan in genre-al, apparently). Look where Keith Olberman's offhand remark took him on the Nov. 17, 2008 Countdown show:

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