Saturday, March 21, 2009

STV: Ethan Phillips: Next up for "Spirit of Star Trek"

Ethan "Neelix" Phillips is the next to jump into the screen-n-talk series "Spirit of Star Trek" —an evening of fun and thoughtful talk on philosophy, ethics, and spirituality through Star Trek's varied alien lenses ... an event like none other you get at even the biggest convention. If in SoCal, save March 29 for 7-9 p.m.—a screening of Neelix's standout show about shaken beliefs, "Mortal Coil," and then the Q&A, with a short reception afterward.

Here's a sneak peek with Ethan and host Curtis Webster, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Encino that is home to the series, at 4963 Balboa just south of the 101. If the churchy thing seems a little scary, relax ... as you'll see it's a wide-open discussion—with even some Neelix insights ...

Curtis, of course, will again be joined by Star Trek's makeup guru Michael Westmore as co-host. The opener with Armin Shimerman, Max Grodenchik and "Prophet Motive" was a hit—and if you've ever seen Ethan at conventions you know he is always "on." Coming up: Robert O'Reilly and "Rightful Heir," April 26; Robert Picardo and "Latent Image," May 17; and Rod Roddenberry with a title TBA, June 28 ... with more to come in the fall.

To reserve a seat, they appreciate an RSVP; call Amber at 818-788-1147.

(Oh, and watch for Ethan's "protest shirt"....!)

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