Saturday, April 25, 2009

Newsweek cover goes Trek—again, after 23 years

What is it about Newsweek that it gets to play proclaimer of Trek's mainstreaminess? Back in 1986, with a hit Star Trek movie and an all-new generation TV show in the works from Paramount, Newsweek gave over a whole cover to sum up why Gene's baby was suddenly mainstream on its 20th birthday.

And now, after ANOTHER 20+3 years, have things come full circle? Newsweek does it again, feeling the need to announce how things have come home—afte the boom-and-bust since then, and back to the future in mainstream:

We’re All Trekkies Now

'Star Trek' is way cool. How'd that happen? Because the geeks have inherited the earth, and the White House. ...

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