Friday, May 29, 2009

Remembering Bob Justman: one year later

While I have been distracted and in slo-mo blog form dealing with family concerns ... Denise Okuda reminded many of us of the passing one year ago this week of the great yet undercredited Bob Justman.

One of my very first posts in "start-up" mode was an ode to Bob that week. Since many of you did not see it during that primeval era for Trekland, here 'tis again ... ready for fresh comments. And with another Bob pic (at left): from the Pasadena Grand Slam 2005, the appearance I'm so glad I arranged for him and for fans ... and hugging our First Lady of Trek, no less—herself recently passed.

These images remind me again: Life is so fleeting ... we should enjoy ourselves, our friends and our treasured assets as often as we can!

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