Friday, June 5, 2009

And now the Farragut is in the spotlight

And the fan film hits just keep on a-comin'.....

New Voyagers/Phase II and Of Gods and Men have grabbed the headlines for years, and now it's Farragut's turn: their “A Rock and a Hard Place” just won Wrath of Con film fest as Best Fan Film for 2009, where they bested them all and then some (eight nominees in all) in the voting. It's their second award in a row at the con's festival, based in Panama City Beach, Fla., and another example of NEO/fx's CGI handiwork under Michael Struck, too.

Congrats to John Broughton and his gang, for “A Rock and a Hard Place,” who like the Phase II crew have built their own standing TOS-era sets in St. Mary's, Ga.—and even threw an open house April 17 to show it all off and thank their local backers and public entities who helped support the Studio One project. With a fan film operation, even on this level, you still gotta have them.

Think about that sidebar: What a great sign for Trekland that either business-owning fans are in a position to help, or they see enough passion and business savvy there to do it on faith.

As with all fanfilms not wanting to anger their copyright studio masters, you can downl0ad “A Rock and a Hard Place” and other offerings free from Farragut at Next up is another feature for 2010 and a dip into 1970s Filmation-style animation with NEO/fx—hopefully with a personal touch by yours truly.

Congrats, guys-n-gals!

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