Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Apollo 11 was not alone

What can I add to the celebrations and remembrance Apollo 11 so richly deserves on its 40th anniversary?

Not much--but allow me this pet peeve with the media:

There were six moon landings—increasing robust, increasing outfitted, increasingly ambitious. A dozen moon walkers in all. And, of course, there were to have been two more on a seventh landing--not counting the last two missions cut early on for budgets when "the new wore off" for the public and lawmakers already blasé about it all.

But as we celebrate once again Apollo 11's incredible testament to humanity's abilities, let's not negate all that was achieved and equally honorable by all the rest.

Note to the media: Honor each and all with accuracy.

It's not THE moon landing, it's the FIRST moon landing.

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Dwight Williams said...

At least Ron Howard and his backers paid proper attention with In the Shadow of the Moon.