Thursday, August 6, 2009


And so we go live as Vegas ’09 unfolds—finally, the birth of my site. Welcome aboard!
My thanks to webmeister deluxe (and former senior producer) Marc Wade for his initial role in all this, and especially now Lee and Amy and the good folks at Counterintuity of Burbank and beyond for working with me to finally get this off the ground. Gracias to all the great Treklanders who have shared and helped out so far—not to mention my very patient family.
You know, we soft-launched the “Welcome to Trekland” blog way back in May 2008 and barely told anyone about it, so this week's full website launch is a bit of deja vu.
What I wrote in that very first entry is still the welcome I want to offer everyone who’s just now finding it all now at site launch time: a personal, non-manufactured site with lots of Trek fun both old and new... much of it first-person.
But what that longevity of blog months means for you, gentle reader, is a chockful backlog already in place as we get off the ground— well over a hundred entries and nearly two dozen videos.
And beyond Trekland, which will update mostly daily, we are setting sail today with a holdful of basics—the gallery is but a bare start-up, and the polls and archives will not exactly stagnate, either. Who knows what more will turn up as we grow this puppy.
So please, sign up now to stay on top of it all. I promise—no floods of emails, no spam, no sales to others.
And please—we live for feedback. Comment away, and keep those e-cards and letters comin’!

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