Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not a trivial apology—and thanks

I won Creation's Adam and Gary over to the idea a couple years ago of continuing on with the Vegas trivia event that we used to do under the late, great startrek.com banner, and we've all had a good time with it.

Apparently, though, it was not fun for at least one young lady/fan who had the guts to get in line Sunday in our one-on-one format. I heard later on she might have been upset with the toughness of the question... so if anyone who reads this can pass along my "sorry," then please do so; I can only plead last-day fatigue at being a Herbert in not gauging that better for her. We'll do better for all our upright youngsters taking part next year.

Despite that, and a tough round this year, I want to thank the 150+ who came out at noon Sunday to either belly up to the bar and try, or cheer on those who did. We had a lot more time than usual, too, and barely had prizes for all the questions we covered.

Two special shout-outs: thanks to John van Citters of CBS Consumer Products, who again furnished all our cool prizes—as well as to Televixen Mary of dvdgeeks.tv for not only running our prizes out, but expertly matching each one to question and winner—on the run!

Yay, team!

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