Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another clue: the "Trekkie" stigma finally beaming out?

The local CBS TV affiliate of Mobile, Ala./Pensacola, Fla., of all places, just posted online this brief webnote and slide video of a small Trek gathering at a local coffee shop, "Khan Con 2009." Kudos to both organizer Christie Barrington and to Chris Petrie of WKRG.

Don't just stop with the video of stills, above ... check out how the YOUNG reporter, likely doing webbie/tweetie reporting anyway, had a brief, respectfully cute text intro to the slides--plus Christie's contact info.

Just a simple little online note, but still... it's a sign. No sneers, no leers, no token goofball costumed shots.

If "mainstream media" is all online anyway, and the generations have changed ... we may FINALLY turn the corner on the Trekkie "freak" stigma once and for all, among the Old Media Gang—if that's all that's left. Right now, at least, here's where one local TV the SOUTH ... is, right now...

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