Saturday, October 10, 2009

Must read: inteview with the 'adult' Alexander Siddig

I want to pass along (h/t an original interview (and photo) from NY-based Arab arts site Bidoun with today's Alexander "Dr. Bashir" Siddig. I say that, and almost use his DS9 personna with caution, because the man and the actor have "grown up" so much since then, in his own words—his half-English, half-Sudanese heritage much more a conscious state, politicially, and gift, as an actor, for him in his daily life and career now.

What's fascinating is both he and his interviewer share that heritage, and while they chat at Sid's Sussex house in England their conversations offers an intercultural glimpse we in the West rarely see. And there are layers and layers of perspective, in the artistic-poltical mix, that too often get simplified or outright overlooked in our too-shallow 24/7 screaming-mimi media.

Most of all, bully for Sid in taking on the cultural responsibilities of rationality he has shouldered for his roles and projects ... and our condolences on the loss of the world he knew as a boy—albeit a naive one, in his own words


Dwight Williams said...

A great deal to digest in that interview. Thanks for passing this along, Larry!

Larry Nemecek said...

A tad more far-ranging than your usual bubblegum Trek interview, yes.