Saturday, October 17, 2009

STV: LA Alert: NEVERMORE: Jeff Combs plays Poe!

FLASH: News of the closing of Jeff Combs's one-man Edgar Allan Poe play "Nevermore" in east Hollywood is greatly exaggerated; it's been extended again! Right through, duh, Halloween—at least.

As of this post there's tickets for all four shows; they are unreserved, so get there for house opening at 7:30.

Catch it Fridays and Saturdays at the intimately eclectic Steve Allen Theatre through Oct. 31; tickets are now $20/$10 students, it's been ravely reviewed, and is absolutely spellbinding ... not the least bit what you're likely expecting. Jeff and Poe even benefit from wig and stage nose prosthetics worked over by onetime Trek make-up crew Brad Look, with input from Gloria Casney.

After we enjoyed it one Friday, I immediately hit up Jeff for a STV chat, and here we are rendezvouzing in Burbank—yes, Johnny Carson Park ... on Bob Hope Drive—plus: getting an earful about his new movie Dark House (he mentions this review) ... a little Weyoun ...

... and Floyd the Barber?

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Elisa said...

Fantastic interview, Larry. Thanks for the heads up! :)