Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crazy weekend: See me live, hear me live--twice!

Wow. Between the big public Trekkie upswing after JJTrek and my recent lack of exposing myself in public, I seem to be a fresh (??) voice of Trek old and new popping up on Internet radio and podcasts this fall. There's TWO live spots coming up this weekend over Internet airwaves.

On Saturday/TODAY at 8:00 Eastern/5:00 Pacific I'll be online live at science fringe/fiction's "The Edge" with host Daniel Ott for over an hour. During this live and lively offbeat little show, you can toss out questions or comments via chat or email through their site at (Check the home page's left-hand button links).

Then tomorrow, the very next day on Sunday, Nov. 29, this seeming Turkey Weekend Marathon seems to continue when Ian M. Cullen's dulcid British tones have me on for an hour-plus on SciFi Pulse on BlogTalk Radio, along with the guys from Star Trek: Continuing Mission. Call in! Tune to it at

We already did Trekcast, DVD Geeks and Roger Noriega's NDB Radio recently--with the Dec. 5 podcast posting of my guesting on Slice of SciFi still to come. See, talkin' Trekland is usually a lot easier than writing it.

And from the in-the-flesh department: If you're in SoCal, drop by the city's long-running mainstream litcon, LosCon 36, at the LAX Marriott. As a last-minute add, I'll be crashing panels there today with Daryl Frazetti and Curtis Webster, both notables in ther own right, and hobnobbing in general. Come by and we'll compare and contrast. Discuss.

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