Friday, December 11, 2009

LA ALERT: Chase's movie now in theatres TODAY

Six years in the making, the movie I call "metaphysical film noir" is finally in theatres: Yesterday Was a Lie brings you Chase "Leeta" Masterson in a breakout role that builds off the sultry jazz/torchsinger career she's been building in recent years, and then some; for Treklanders, her co-star is Kipleigh Brown, who once guest-starred on Enterprise as Crewman Jane Taylor in "The Forgotten."

The brainchild and labor of love of James Kerwin, who combines his love of science with filmmaking, the picture is like nothing you've ever seen before and at times defies description: what seems a straight-ahead cop mystery at first soon turns into a puzzle of another kind...with layers and layers of it. But you'll be sucked in for sure.

I had the chance to see it a year ago as it made the rounds of the festival circuit and cleaned up on awards, and recently James has announced they got a distribution deal, followed by a DVD release in March. Somewhere there's paparazzi shot of Chase's "ex-husband" Max "Rom" Grodenchik and I during Monday's red-carpet gala at the Cinespace in Hollywood, but apart from that sideshow the film, with some late final tweaks, was a hit, as ever; James, Chase and the chief architects gathered there for a Q&A panel (below) and afterparty.

The film opens today in Los Angeles at the Sunset Laemmle, but you can track future venues off the website, for starters. By all means, if you are reading this and get the chance, be sure not to miss it. just schedule plenty of discussion time with your viewing party afterwards! And hopefully, we will get a future release of the soundtrack, which features Chase on both standards and original music by

James and Chase take questions from the appreciative crowd at the Hollywood Cinespace red-carpet premiere Nov. 7.

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