Monday, December 28, 2009

ST: Experience fans: a piece of history from Suzi P.

Lots of fans are still mourning the loss of the beloved Star Trek: The Experience rides/museum/stores and Quark's Bar in Las Vegas ...and the apparent lack of forward momentum on a successor site.

But for now, fan fave Suzie Plakson—K'ehleyr and Mrs. Q to you!— is offering a bit of history and nostalgia on eBay: the heavy metallic combadge she was given to wear as emcee and hostess of the Experience's entire closing ceremony at the LV Hilton on Sept. 1, 2008.

Hurry, if interested: it just went up, but the sale ends Jan. 3, and she's also throwing in a signed, two-page letter about her memories of that weekend (see photos on the eBay page).

If you just can't quite let go of the time-space vortex that was STTE, here's a great collectible or gift memento for a fellow mourner.