Saturday, March 13, 2010

If you missed it: ST: Continuing Mission big season ender is still hot

I've been a fan of the elaborate audio series Star Trek: The Continuing Mission... and as their sixth and season-ending episode neared, I even got sucked in for a very nice cameo. Thank you, Sebastian Prooth and Andy Tyrer and everybody! It's a pretty epic tale and has great production values. And they have their own wiki. Of course.

And thank you, Treklanders for taking a listen: all the eps are available from iTunes or the site, relaying the saga of the USS Montana crew of the 23rd century and their bizarre odyssey—and readjustment—after being swept 100 years into the 24th.

It's been up for a while, but if you haven't downloaded it yet—take a listen this weekend. Or back up and get the prior five too.

Just don't EVER let my outtakes get out there...uh-oh.

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Larry Nemecek said...

The most gripping part of the show is that question asked by the station chief engineer...