Monday, February 8, 2010

STV: Jonathan Frakes—one busy guy

I just found a batch of recent video I thought had been lost...!

So yay--here's an always-welcome vid-chat with Number One himself, shot near the end of the 10th annual Lightspeed Fine Art Charity Event in December in the OC. It was the first time to appear there for both of us, as we realized, and a good time to catch up. He's up to his eyeballs with directing jobs, and on some of the top one-hours on the networks... a busy life since he moved back to L.A. from his teaching turn. This chat will get you ready for his airings and reruns ... plus, Jonathan's first acting gig since Nemesis.

His adorable wife Genie Francis, a celeb in her own right of course, came along and had copies of her Christmas carol CD benefiting The Children's Mission in Cuernavaca, Mexico, getting 100% of her profit share—and still available on Amazon and iTunes.

If you're a Castle fan—and you should be!—I got a very catty anecdote out of him from his episode. Now we just need to get him on Chuck next season... Campaign, anyone?

And if you're not a Lightspeed customer, doing so makes you eligible to attend these annual, cozy little clambakes with guests, parties, and direct-bid auctions for their charities. I'd meant to go for years, so thanks to Gary Hasson and his staff who finally got me down.

Oh, and that Frakes, guy, too. Better catch when while you can--he's one bolt of lightning.

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