Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh p'shaw guys: Seattle Comic-Con magic

I think this just may be a video first for me, and I have my buds at Seattle Geekly to thank for it:

IT'S JUST LIKE YOU ARE THERE! (click the frame)

Thanks to Jim Demonakos and his whole Emerald City Comic-Con crew, and Pacific Northwest fandom in general, we had a great time and a great crowd last weekend. Thanks guys—it's been a while since I had 300 or 400 for a show, and our Twivia Tweetups with the Geekly gang got rid of a lot of Trek swag from CBS and our pal John as prizes—even at 9 a.m. Sunday!

Best of all, I had lots more folk come by the table, chat things up and have me sign a few things. Yep, I was amazed—but I guess they somehow let a few Trekkies sneak into that comics throng.

More pics on the Trekland Facebook page albums...!

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