Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finally: the Mundanes *get* fandom

Yes, Virginia, there really is karma.

It's the 21st Century: Trek not only gets respect, but leads the way...

Overheard recently in a local story about the G.I. Joe convention in Providence, RI:
“I always used to look at the Star Trek dorks and say, ‘What’s that about?’ ” he said. “Now, I’m a G.I. Joe dork.”
Oh, and if you have to ask who the "mundanes" are? Well, you're really freakin' me out.

(Photo above:
The Providence Journal/Andrew Dickerman)


MikeZ83 said...

Mundanes? Nothing a bit of Dust couldn't solve.

Larry Nemecek said...

I have to admit that, apart from basic cultural osmosis, my G.I. Joe goes to the days when the theme was "GI Joe, GI Joe, Fighting man from head to toe..."

Meaning: After a cursory search for "Dust" in the GIJoe verse .. I'm still clueless...??

MikeZ83 said...

Wrong universe."Mundanes" also is a common phrase in the Babylon 5 universe where it's a derogatory term used by telepaths to refer to non-telepaths.
And "Dust" was an illegal drug which temporarily boosted the rudimentary telepathic abilities of so-called mundanes to extreme levels.