Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spelunking down-under: "Q'apla!"

Yes, this story hit the interwaves a couple of  weeks back... and if you did miss it, it's worth a smile and a read—and my added note, below:

nuqneH! Australian cave tours available in Klingon

SYDNEY (AFP) – An Australian cave system is offering tours in Klingon, the alien language featured in cult science fiction series Star Trek, in what is believed to be a world first.
Jenolan Caves west of Sydney, the inspiration for Star Trek spacecraft the USS Jenolan, will offer audio guides in the fictional language from August 22, catering for the show's fans who flock to the attraction.  ...

BTW--Then-TNG writer Ron D. Moore had vacationed there in Australia over the 1992 hiatus, then came back and did name Scotty's transporter-loopy craft after the caves he had visited—but he misspelled it accidentally in the script for "Relics." Thus, that ship is officially the Jenolen, while the caves are actually Jenolan.

But how far have we come such that even the tourism folks see fit to play up that obscure Trek connection? The Intertubes is an amazing thing, even Down Under....where they apparently read the TNG Companion, too.