Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reminder TV TONIGHT: Pics from "Captains of the Final Frontier"

Set your timers, or do it the old-fashioned way and just watch...

Me and a bunch of folks with far more familiar faces are all mixed up in this two-hour doc on none other than the Biography Channel.  Tonight--9 pm ET, replayed at 1 AM ET.

I was also proud to act as Consultant; you can read about that yesterday, too. (Did you see the trivia Q that I posted there? Hmmm?)

Here's some of the faces you WILL recognize--thanks to Lauren at Sharp Entertainment for the clips!

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Anonymous said...


Greetings. I recently saw you on the Bio channel's "Captain's" special...what a kick! Great job and congrats on the title "Dr. Star Trek." I was a little dubious about how informative the program would be (it seems like many specials of its ilk rehash the same behind-the-scenes anecdotes and series' trivia), but I enjoyed the commentary from you and the other actors/writers/directors and learned some things I'd never heard before, like the fax campaign to preserve a female captain on Voyager (kinda' reminds me of Bjo's letter campaign). The melee-o-meters and smooch-o-graphs were amusing to mull over and were a clever way of showing how the captains stack up against each other. All in all, a worthwhile and entertaining effort, and you certainly had a significant part in fleshing out the shows' history and philosophy throughout the special. Congrats again and continued success in the future. Live long and prosper.

Keith Rowe
Foothill Ranch, CA