Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yes, but can *it* eat tritanium?

If you're a good little Trekland dweller—and I know you are—I'm sure your mind turns to thoughts of Bird-of-Prey hulls when you read this headline:

... Using DNA technology, Dalhousie scientists Henrietta Mann and Bhavleen Kaur and researchers from the University of Sevilla in Spain were able to identify a new bacterial species collected from rusticles (a formation of rust similar to an icicle or stalactite) from the Titanic wreck. The iron-oxide-munching bacterium has fittingly been named Halomonas titanicae. ...

I wonder if it's just A Matter of Honor that there's no fat, pissed-off Klingon commander out there bellowing about how losing the Titanic ahead of schedule to these little beasties is really just a Federation trick?

Can't you just see the real "rusticles" sitting pretty as undersea snacks here?

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