Tuesday, January 25, 2011

STV: A Culinary catch-up with Cirroc Lofton—in HD!

The hiatus here is OVER. Welcome to our first-ever "Switching to Visual"  in HIGH-DEF, finally!

And the honor of standing first in line in the backlog of videos waiting to be seen is none other than Cirroc "Jake Sisko" Lofton. He's no stranger to cons, but hardly over-exposed, either. So it was that we had a blast catching up at the heavily-guested but lightly-attended Hollywood Xpo last fall.  (Or, as they used to to say in the '20s: Everything's jake with Cirroc.) Look below for the proof!

Most of all, check out the info on his latest project these days, Cafe Cirroc; his wife has the adjoining Sara, The Wire Bar. I'll let him tell you the details, but for local SoCal-ers here's an update on special events at his community-oriented Italian fare eatery:

On Feb. 10, Cafe Ciroc is host to a Los Angeles Unified School District charity benefit for the victims of a tragic recent school shooting. For now, call the cafe at 310-776-3060 for more info.

And Trek fans take note: on Feb. 13 the joint is hosting an intimate Valentine's Day special, in the tradition of Gary Hasson's other Lightspeed Fine Art events, that features Cirroc and a bevy of other sci-fi stars amid a huge dinner buffet, auction and personal time, all benefiting the guests' various personal charities.

Most of all, whether you make it for these events or not, just GO BY and have some of his down-to-earth, simple and amazing entries. His website is still in process, but for now you can check out the glowing online user reviews here at Yelp.

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Unknown said...

I hope Cirroc is successful in whatever he does. I know he was on Deep Space Nine. Him and Avery Brooks gave us two of the finest characters in Star Trek history.