Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"I'm a Wall Decor, not a Doctor!": Lifesize Trek for you!

We may be breaking some kind of sneak-peek today, but who cares? This is cool—partly because it's so dang simple.

Or is it? Need a transporter in your bedroom? Or just a certain Vulcan science officer?

Walls360 is a start-up company already offering durable, re-"stickable" wall art posters from small to mural-size pieces ... and now just guess what their first franchise license is?

Well, take a good guess, Lieutenant, but clear that board.

Of COURSE it's Star Trek—beginning with the original series. The press release announcement is set to hit today...but their site is live NOW. They offer images from characters to ships to gadgets to, well, rooms...these are just three of dozens... and are "contour-cut from a single sheet of repositionable fabric paper for seamless installation."  They stick to almost any surface—from walls and windows to ceilings and around corners—and can be removed and re-hung 100 times without losing adhesion, leaving a mark, or damaging surfaces.

... But best of all, they offer these flat goodies in all sizes and prices from $15 (one-footer) to $155—the biggest at eight feet tall!

"It has been a LOT of fun going into the CBS archives and picking out images that will work for giant wall graphics," John Doffing, the Walls360, told me. "We are starting with TOS, and will be adding a LOT of new content.  We are a brand-new company, and this is our first big branded partner launch." And yes, they do utilize the new higher-res clarity of the Remastered TOS editions to deliver the large-scale sizes.

Stay tuned, and we'll be having our own TREKLAND giveaway of some TREK Walls360 items coming up real quick.


Anonymous said...

I hope they will eventually have TNG and Voyager murals too.

James C said...

THAT is sweet! thanks for the heads up, Larry.

Larry Nemecek said...

If these get a good reaction, you can bet they will do more of the series! Especially TNG.