Tuesday, February 22, 2011

STV: Fan film fun—Farragut's "Capt." John Broughton!

I had a chance to chat with John Broughton of the Starship Farragut series, one of the most active fan film groups from Classic Trek going today—and, aside from James Cawley's pioneering New Voyagers/Phase II clan, the only group with its own full-blown '60s Enterprise sets. Meeting up at Trek Trax Atlanta last weekend reminded me I had this in the can from the HD backlog, and needed to share this ASAP....!

So give it up for John and the great Farragut fan film series—in glorious live OR animated color. Take your pick!

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Anonymous said...

If John broughton hadn't snubbed Robert Simmons(former Starship Ajax producer)after he had been 'forced out' by John Hughes(current producer of Ajax)and Vic Mignogna, I would think that Broughton would be a pretty cool guy.

Turns out, like Michael Bednar and the rest of the Starship Farragut production crew, they are nothing more than prima donnas with extreme high school-clique like mentalities.

Once again, Star Trek is dragged through the mud by such redneck tendencies.