Sunday, April 3, 2011

The brick heard round the world: who's really to thank?

We say it tongue in cheek on this anniversary date...

You can watch the clip below, but don't thank William Shatner—thank Gene, and Matt Jefferies, and Wah Chang—as you thank Dr. Martin Cooper (right) for making (and building) that first cell phone call happen 38 years ago today.

(And note, per the best in fictional "continuity checking," that Cooper made his call to a land line—of course. What other cell phone was there?)


Dimitris said...

Beam me up, Matt and Martin!

Erika Y. Figueroa said...

Gene had a dream, but it was the prop makers who brought it to life.

The 'brick' is only one of the first of hopefully many technological advances we will thank Star Trek for.