Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Have a listen, make a call: I'll be LIVE Wednesday on the iRadio

Quick programming note:

TOMORROW!—Wednesday, June 1—at 7 pm Pacific/ 10 Eastern I'll be a guest LIVE with Roger Noriega on his NDB Media show over Blog Talk Radio. You can hear it right tcheer at this station over the Intertube webs, and get the call-in number: (914) 338-0314 

We'll be talking about summer cons coming up big and small—like SoonerCon back home in OKC this weekend—as well as San Diego Comic-Con and Vegas Trek ... my little forays of late, including our new documentary "The Con of Wrath" ... and of course the state of Trekland in general.

Again, this is not just a podcast but a LIVE Internet radio channel you can call in to, though it will be archived if you miss it. Hope to hear from you!

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