Thursday, May 19, 2011

"invisible" fans: Not just a blog, it's a breakthrough!

Yes, amid being way behind on my deserving video and posts, folks...

It's showtime for yet another guest post of mine over at the "new" in the series I like to call "Trekland, Supplemental."  I think the topic of "invisible" fans is not only timely but intriguing and, well, a big blind spot that will do well for people to think about.

More importantly, it marked a landmark for slow-learnin' me as I tackle the Online Social Digital Revolution—not having been born in the last 6 years, and all.

Namely, I want to thank all the Trekland peeps on Facebook and my @larrynemecek Tweetsters who answered my call to opine, and who still continue to sound off on the points and questions I raised this week. I used a few of your comments in this TLS this week.  It's a discussion that can go broad, and not one where I wanted to simply rehash the old "truefan" debate chestnut ... but to explore, as I say, the nature of the "unknown" fan, if it exists. And if any online results can be quantified enough to describe this new "fan species," if legitimate.

And when Treklanders get a chance to "pre-comment," so much the better.

My one regret: Since I didn't state up front on either platform that your words might be quoted by name, I decided to limit and paraphrase what I did use. This time.

Next time, we will do it—and you all can go cross-platform social right along with me and we'll all make our points. We'll exploit that true social-media brain machine for all she's worth!

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