Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FINALLY!: Walter Koenig gets his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—and perhaps makes history?

Just today, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce finally righted a long-standing wrong—and made history, we think!— with the release of its 2011 honorees for a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And so Walter Koenig finally completes the original TOS crew with the iconic honor, included in a list of music, TV and film stars released today.

About damn time. I'm so tempted to scream or throw in a Russian joke here, but I'll resist. Instead, I'll just sneak-peek a still here (right) from Walter's sit-down for our The Con of Wrath to celebrate—and remind everyone also of Walter's malevolent, multi-leveled Psi cop Bester on Babylon 5, to boot. The Star honor was long overdue ... and delayed, some say, by the late beloved  Hollywood chamber president Johnny Grant's disinterest in letting the complete Star Trek cast all be repped on the famous pavement. Fans have kept the campaign amped up ever since the early 2000s, though, and Walter even edited this poke-fun parody on the issue back in 2008, thanks to his New Voyages/Phase II reprise as Chekov:

Well, now it's all moot. Walter was among a class of 25 honorees today that also included Adam West of Batman TV fame!, and Treklander Malcolm "Dr. Soran" McDowell of Generations. Honorees have up to five years to organize and schedule their star ceremony, and we just can't wait for that one! The most recent Trek-related star unveiling we attended was the bash for MIcheal Westmore and his celebrated family of make-up mavens in 2009.

Again, congrats to Walter and congrats to classic Trek! How many other ensemble TV shows can brag of such an honor for their entire cast?


Kristine M Smith said...

WOO HOO! That's fabulous.Long tieme coming! Wish I could be there so see it happen....

Tracy:) said...

That's awesome!! Yay!!!

Patty Wright said...

Kudos to Walter! He deserved a star more than many folks that have one already!

The "Walter Wants a Star" video was actually edited together by Ralph M. Miller, the sound designer for Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II. In fact, it's Ralph's voice you hear in the video - not Walter's!