Monday, July 25, 2011

DVR ALERT: My "Proving Ground" Trek mission Tuesday and the late Ryan Dunn—I'm curious about it, too

Can't remember when I've had a situation like this....

But make sure to watch it at Tuesday at 8 PM Eastern/Pacific on G4!

The "Star Trek" episode of Proving Ground, that is. The series is a bit of Mythbusters meets Jackass, and indeed was produced by much of the Jackass crew—including co-host Ryan Dunn—to explore the question, "Could [fill in the blank TV /film/game/etc] really work in real life?"

I had to play coy at the time with the tweeting and what-not during the shoots in April, but I've been waiting for three months to be able to promote this episode that I appear in. Or, do I? As the "Star Trek Consultant" for three bits of a few seconds each, I have no clue even whether I wound up or not on the proverbial cutting room floor in this half-hour ep—which included scenes shot out at iconic Vasquez "There be Gorns here!" Rocks.

Because all bets, of course, were off after the tragedy last month that ended the life of the full-speed daredevil Ryan, only a week after the show's premiere. The show was held up after only one airing until feelings sorted out, and then the decision made to resume airing July 19 in the same Tuesday timeslot—at the insistence of Ryan's family, it was reported. Still, as was evident at the G4 booth at Comic-Con just last weekend, the network is definitely downplaying the series out of respect, or awkwardness, or both; there's certainly no trailer of the Trek episode at the website right now.

So, who knows what we'll see Tuesday night? Join me in watching, will you?

And see if the Trek "away mission" gadgets and gags—and the eternal practical jokes on co-hostess Jessica Chobot and the crew alike—work as well as expected.

I'll be back this week with more to show and share, no matter what happens onscreen Tuesday night.


aprilhebert said...

Wow. Intense. Can't wait.

Larry Nemecek said...

Since the series has been kinda underplayed since Ryan's death, I have NO idea how much or how little of me remains, or which direction they took it. They wanted me to be completely straight, sadly.

Our Family said...


Bruce Klassen here, producer from G4's Proving Ground! Just want to thank you again for being such a gracious guest on our show! Sorry that we didn't use all of your scenes, but you still made the show!

You were a pleasure to work with and your knowledge of the Star Trek universe is unparallelled!