Monday, July 11, 2011

STV: Long-lost chat! Alphas/DS9's Ira Steven Behr—novelist?

In honor of Ira Steven Behr's new show Alphas premiering this week on SyFy (he's the showrunner, just not the creator—sound familiar?) ...

...Here's a vidchat he and I did, pre-HD, that was ready to go but delayed in posting at from back in December 2008, during the Hollywood writer's strike and just after the end of his show The 4400. I taped this just after we'd had lunch and recorded our joint audio commentary for the Blu-ray edition of ST VI: The Undiscovered Country.

The passion, idealism and, yes, a slightly twisted dark side all come through in Ira's years of running DS9--as well as his stint on UPN's Twilight Zone redux, and especially The 4400. What's you don't sense by merely watching his series, though, is that Ira is a hoot. And he knows his Hollywood stuff.

It all came back to me recently that, aside from his DVD bonus appearances, most fans haven't had a real chance to meet Ira—so I was pleased when he let me hound him for a little catch-up chat outside Mulberry's Pizza. The guy who brought multiple mainstream Ferengis, the Bell Riots and swingin' Vic Fontaine to Star Trek is the real deal. (And he's even using a computer now—wow.)

We had a hoot with ST VI, and the Blu-ray edition subsequently saw the light of day—which is more than I can say for this chat ... until now! (Notice this clip is still 4x3 aspect, not HD, and lacks the STV endtag theme: I chose to keep it pristine here, and not re-edit.)

I didn't realize it going in that day, but we wound up talking mostly about his big project of the strike-caused hiatus... a novel!  So—did he ever finish the manuscript from '08? For the answer, stay tuned HERE this week, and see... and check out Alphas at 10 p.m. Mondays PT/ET on SyFy, with encore airings through the week.

(More Ira, and of a more recent nature. Coming up this week ...!)

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