Friday, July 1, 2011

Catch us on these new podcasts—and LIVE on Trekradio tomorrow!

Remember this? We had a heckuva time geekin' out on all things Trekland with author Dayton Ward, Jarred "Hey Star Trek" Formby and Damon "Geek Fights" Shaw—all thanks to Chris and Charity Wood hosting us in a wackydoodle wide-raning trek geeksters' roundtable in the "Life After Trek" podcast series over at their Subspace Communiques news site.

Well, now the concluding Part 2 marathon is now up, in which we cover JJTrek '09 and Enterprise and look to the future ... " The FUUUU-ture!" (Hope the false, forced vibrato came out.)

You should also take a listen to Slice of Sci-Fi when Michael Mennenga & crew had my (ahem) extended soapbox of a visit to talk about The Con of Wrath and what's up with what this sci-fi summer. (If time is short, we start at @ 9:20).  If you must demand your geek insight be of the sighted variety, they now offer the shows on YouTube—though I am but an enigmatic cypher and a logo, of course.

And coming up—an HOUR tomorrow, Sat. July 2, on live Internet global radio at noon Pacific/ 3 p.m. Eastern  at!


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